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The Assassin Strikes Again

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Once there lived a man named Jack. Every day he woke up refreshed and renewed. Jack started the day by having a nice big stretch, and then he did 100 press-ups. He took a cold shower and brushed his teeth with Sensodyne Jack dressed him self in casual clothes and left for work. Jack has a usual profession. He is hired by rich and powerful people to murder the innocent and honest. Jack became an assassin when he was a teenager. During his childhood he had been kind, generous and helpful boy. One day he was walking home with his friends. Jack's friends suggested that they should go through the alley because it was a shortcut home. Jack agreed and so did the others. They walked through the dark, deep and frightening alley, then they saw a gang of bullies in the alley but they decided not to run. It was a bad decision. The biggest bully started straight away on Jack's smallest friend Mark. ...read more.


He was on time every day and ready to go. Tom had a poor family back ground and was determined to make best of his chances. Reece had a wealthy back ground and was always wasting money on gambling. He was always late for work, Reece was very jealous of Tom. One day Tom got promoted to Assistant Manager, Reece was so furious he said "that's it! I will have Tom murdered!" When he finished work, he rushed home to call an assassin and arranged a meeting outside an abandoned house. He gave Tom's details and his picture to Jack. Reece paid �100, 000 in advance the rest to follow when the job was done. Jack researched Tom's lifestyle carefully and worked out when Tom would be alone. It was when he went through the junk yard as a shortcut to his home. Jack planned the murder methodically. He would use a rifle with a silencer to shoot him. ...read more.


Jack took out his rifle from his right coat pocket and pointed it at when Tom looked at Jack with astonishment and a fear of death, Jack shot Tom with no hesitation or any mercy the bullet tore through the muscles as it went for the heart of Tom. Tom could see the blood was red As a red paint. Tom could see the blood on Jacks shoes as he fell on to the ground as he was falling he repeatedly asked "why", "why" When he fell on to the ground there was silence. Jack made Tom's murder seem like an accident he put Tom into the car and drove Tom off the cliff. The next day Jack received the full payment from Reece. As Jack was reading the news paper, he saw that Tom's death made the front page. Seeing Tom's wife's picture made him realise that Tom's wife was the girl he loved when he was in school. After thinking for several hours he came up with the decision that he should surrender to the police. The next day he stood in front of the police station thinking should I surrender to the police or not...................... ...read more.

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