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the assassin To produce an article describing the online activities of three different businesses.

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The Assassin It was a dark foggy night, about 5.45 pm. The assassin was lying there comfortable in his seat waiting for the victim to come by. As he opened his window, a car zoomed passed him on the quite street, making him very nervous. The rain was drizzling down, there was even a glimpse of thunder, he was parked across the street to the house 205. He picked up his rifle and glanced at the front of the house especially angling his gun towards the door. As the assassin looked towards the house he could sense the cold chilling wind rushing through his back, the rain got even worse causing huge puddles to be seen every where. ...read more.


She sprinted toward her house, the rain thrashing on her body. She accidentally ran into a massive puddle and tripped, her face was in anger, but dragged herself up and carried on running. When she got near the front lawn, she stepped to take a look at the house. After a minute or two, she walked towards the entrance of the house, the woman to scared to glance behind her into the silence of the night. Trying to block out her feelings, she began to enter the house. As if reading her mind, he knew she would pause again. Elevating his arm, he pointed his rifle at the back of the woman's fair - haired head. ...read more.


He quickly ran to his van, carefully missing any muddy puddles making sure not to make to much sound. The hood of the coat was pushed over his head, covering his blue eyes. When he got to van, he opened the doors at the back and went in to change his cloths, putting the old ones in a black bin bag. He zipped up his jumper and climbed over the seats and sat in the driver's seat. His conscience did not bother him at all. There was no change in his cold, motionless, blue eyes. He took one last look behind him to check that she was dead and that his job had been done properly and made his way to his next job leaving her to die in her own pool of blood. He pushed the key into the ignition, turned it, and drove off. ...read more.

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