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The Assign

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The Assign She woke up suddenly to hear someone knocking loudly at the front door. She groped for the bedside lamp, pressed the switch and peered at the alarm clock. It was twenty past three in the morning. Before she could clamber out of bed the knocking began again, even more loudly... Rhonda Concern was twenty-two years old and worked at the New York Times newspaper as a copy editor. She was very smart and was very much in love with her fianc´┐Ż, Zack World. She had a lot of family close by so whenever they had a row she had somewhere to go. She was happy with her job and happy with her life. She had shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes, although it doesn't matter. Zack thought she had the greatest personality and so did David who had the hugest crush on Rhonda. Rhonda got up slowly to answer the door. She was drained of all her energy and could not be bothered getting out of bed. She hoped Zack would answer it but he was not in bed. "He must be working late," Rhonda said to herself. She put on her slippers and made her way downstairs. She slipped on a shoe and fell down the stairs. She got up and looked through the spy hole. Her heart skipped a beat. It was the police. She opened the door slowly. It was freezing outside which in turn sent shivers down her spine. You could tell, as the snow lay thick on the pavement. She let the police in and hoped that nothing bad had happened to her family. "I'm sorry," mumbled one of the officers "but Zack World has been killed. He was stabbed 22 times". This was the worst news ever. She looked at the floor and her tears dropped onto the blue fluffy carpet, making it moist. ...read more.


She fast-forwarded it to the next message. She hated Freddy so much it was unbelievable. "Hey Rhonda, its Laura, please come round later I need to tell you something very important" The line went dead after that. When eight o'clock came a loud knocking at her door startled her. She answered the door, it was David. She grabbed her bag and left. She couldn't wait to see what Chez Paris looked like. It was supposed to be beautiful inside; chandeliers, flowers, soft music and a great selection of food. She got into David's car and they drove away. Chez Paris was everything she had ever imagined and more. It smelled like fresh flowers and was decorated in such rich colours. A waiter sat them down at table 22, gave them a menu each and waited. "I think I'll have the lobster," said David " I will have the fish of the day please," said Rhonda. David held Rhonda's hand till the bottle of wine came. After the meal, David took Rhonda home. She wanted to invite him in but she just kissed him good night and went in. The next day was her day off. As always on a Tuesday she went to her sister's house. But when she got there she was distraught. Laura had been stabbed twenty two times. She was dead! Rhonda was scared. Two of her close family were dead. What on earth was happening? When Rhonda got home at three she was welcomed by her mum and dad standing on her doorsteps with luggage. Oh oh. They had come to stay. Her worst nightmare was coming true, so to speak. She absolutely hated her parents. Rhonda stood on the bottom step, her eyes were watering and her mouth nearly hit the floor. She was stunned. Did her parents know about Laura and Zack? Or was this just a visit to torture her and torment her? ...read more.


He had a tight grip and Rhonda couldn't get loose. David took her to her seat. He was tying her up when he noticed. Freddy was GONE! He didn't finish tying her up. Instead he was running round the house frantically looking for Freddy. Rhonda got out of the ropes and grabbed a knife from the kitchen. She heard the door slam shut. She looked out the window. It was Freddy. He was running down the street shouting and screaming. Rhonda went to the front door. She had opened it halfway and then David slammed it shut. He wrestled the knife away from Rhonda leaving her helpless. She backed up into the coffee table. She tripped and fell back. Rhonda tried to get up quickly and then she ran upstairs. She ran into her room. She screamed at the top of her voice. There was blood on her bed, on the floor and everywhere else. She pulled back her sheets and saw the dead body of Zack. She opened her wardrobe to see her parents lodged together, dead. She opened her drawers to see bits of the receptionist. She looked under her bed and there was Laura. David went into her room. Her threw her onto the bed. He got onto the bed and held the knife to Rhonda's throat. He started to sing very badly. But police sirens drowned his voice out. "Freddy!" shouted David. The police barged in through the front door. They came upstairs and saw David. The police could not get him to give Rhonda up. A policeman shot him in the leg. The police arrested David and sent Rhonda to Florida to be safe. They gave her an excellent job and a great new home. David was sent to hospital for two weeks. But when two weeks was up, and he was able to go to jail, David was not there. He had escaped from hospital and was on the run. Someone said that the last time he was seen was on the train heading for Florida... By Samantha Wild ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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