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The attack on 9/11/01 was a huge event that has changed my life forever as well as the recession that started in December 2007. Both events happened in very important times of my life

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´╗┐Ashley Salazar Prof. M. Ellis-Davis The attack on 9/11/01 was a huge event that has changed my life forever as well as the recession that started in December 2007. Both events happened in very important times of my life. I believe I was nine years when the attack on the world trade center occurred. I was fifteen when the recession began. I definitely wasn't prepared for the drastic change that was going to happen to my life. I remember it like yesterday. I was in third grade in Mrs. Goldstein?s class. I believe we were being taught on the subject of English. Surprisingly, all of us were actually paying attention and we were very quiet. I guess maybe because we all felt something in the air. I remember waking up that day feeling strange, like something was going to happen but I just couldn't tell when. Mrs. Goldstein was up at the board writing and we were copying what she was writing. We heard a loud banging sound hitting the door. As if someone was on the other side panicking. Mrs. Goldstein hesitated to open the door but then she heard a voice. It was Mrs. Varner. She was crying and yelling "He's in there! Oh my god! My husband!" Mrs. Goldstein didn't know what to say and asked her what she was talking about. Mrs. Varner then ran into our room and turned on the television. ...read more.


Out of selfishness, it was bothering me that I wasn't going to the mall anymore. Also, that this meant that I wasn?t going to have the newest gadgets and the nicest clothes anymore. I blamed my parents for what was happening. I thought it was their fault that we were going through this. Over the next couple of months, everything had changed completely. Instead of hanging out with my friends after school, I had started working at my parent?s restaurant. We had to cut employees because money was tight so that meant my sister and I were the new waitresses and my brother was the new bus boy. We went from living like a princess or prince to living as their servant. Spending more time with my parents made me realize that it truly wasn?t their fault. Seeing them struggle must have been the hardest part for me. It was hard seeing my father and mother slave their lives away was killing me, so I put in more hours and I told them I like working and that I liked making my own money. I guess you can say that I was maturing. I had to, and it's been that way ever since. I realized that my family wasn't the only ones going through this when I went to school. My best friends would tell me how they're parents were struggling as well and that they too needed to help out and get jobs. As a country we were going through this, together. ...read more.


He made my uncle sign a check for $500,000 and shot him. My mother still to this day struggles with his death. She lost a part of her the day he was killed. It made me realize that there's death every day in the world. Even though it was so long ago, it still can affect you. We as humans aren't that sentimental until it happens to us. We don't really mean it when we say "I'm sorry for your loss" till we suffer that loss ourselves. I noticed that when I lost my grandmother. I myself would say it but there was no meaning behind it. I now understand what it feels like to lose a loved one. I guess that's part of the human experience. You live and you learn. My professor once said that we were born a being, and we learn how to be human. In conclusion, I have realized that all these situations aren't the same and aren't in the same time period but they're human. As humans we all go through the same things. Whether it's getting hit where it hurts, realizing you?re not being fed by a silver spoon anymore, forced into the arms of a man, or death, we can all relate somehow. We all go through the good times and the bad times. These situations happen every day and everywhere. Whether we live in Australia or in Dominican Republic, China, or next door we are all human and we all have the same book, just a different author. ...read more.

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