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The Auction

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The Auction "Which one's the indicator?" this question kept rolling around in my mind. It had gone blank! "Erm, this one!" I tried the leaver on the right had side. I could hear the reassuring ticking; I knew I'd done the right thing. I turned right down a cul-de-sac. "If you'd just like to pull over here." My tester said. Had I done it? Had I passed my driving test first time? If I had I was lucky! I didn't know where the indicator was. I had guessed and just in time. In my own mind I'd known, my mind had just gone blank. My tester looked at his notes, I turned off the engine and glared at him searching for eye contact, he looked at me. I felt sick and my stomach was churning! My eyes pleaded for him to tell me the result and quickly to get it out the way. Had he noticed that I'd forgotten where the indicator was? I'd failed oh the shame. ...read more.


"Thanks" I muttered "Twelve midday tomorrow" he added. Having been awoke by my alarm I reluctantly got up, pulled on my jeans and a t-shirt, and jogged down the stairs. Mum and Dad were at work the house was empty. There was a bus at 11:40 that I needed to catch so I grabbed a piece of toast and headed out. It was pouring with rain and truly freezing. I stood shivering in the bus shelter. I sure hoped I was lucky enough to find a car today. I didn't fancy having to catch the bus again. The rain pelted down like bullets bouncing off the pavement. A frail old lady stood next to me she had on what I was sure was a wig, weary eyes and a rain coat that looked like it hadn't been washed for at least six months. I suddenly felt grateful for the �1000 Mum and Dad had given me. The bus pulled up. It was almost empty. There were only another two people on. ...read more.


I was so excited the car was mine! With it's scarlet red paintwork power steering, alloy wheels and nylon upholstery. Now all I had to do was hand over the money and the keys were mine!! I sat in my new car and with no hesitation turned the keys, the engine purred like a kitten. I was ecstatic! Luck was definitely on my side. I released the hand brake and was off! The car ran smoothly and I felt complete. It was what I had dreamed off. I turned on the radio. The stereo was nothing flash just basically a radio with a standard tape player. I drove past the bus stop feeling even more pleased with myself. I couldn't wait to show Mum and Dad what I'd got for their money. Just then another car came careering around the corner. I turned to avoid it and rolled onto the roof the car then skidded 50 meters down the road on the roof and hit a tree. I felt pain everywhere I looked myself over there was blood everywhere! The next thing I heard were sirens... ...read more.

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