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The author uses symbolism that contributes to the success of the text is "Lamb" by Bernard Mac Laverty

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Lamb Essay By David Hutchison A novel in which the author uses symbolism that contributes to the success of the text is "Lamb" by Bernard Mac Laverty. The author uses many different symbols, including the pinball machine, fish, birds, lamb and many more, to very effectively emphasise points he is trying to make and hint at how the novel will end. One of the first symbols used in the novel by the author is the symbol of the bird. Brother Benedict is described like a bird alot. The line "Benedict sat waiting with a bird like tilt of the head, sharp, owl-like" gives a very vivid description of Benedict. It gives the reader the impression that he is twitching like a bird, waiting on the right moment to pounce, the words "before he pecked" continue this idea. "A chicken eying a seed" is another line which continues the idea of looking at his mark, waiting on the right moment before he pounces. ...read more.


These lines show the reader that the symbol of then pinball machine represents inevitability and fate. A symbol which is associated with hope, at least as far as religion is concerned, is the fish. it is a symbol for Christianity, dating back to the time of the ancient Romans when they had to be secretive. The author also uses characteristics of fish for description. For example the author describes haddock as "slimy", which describes him well as he is a very sly character. The author says that Owen taking a fit looked like a fish, which is a very effective use of symbolism as it puts the image of a fish fluttering about out of water into the readers mind, which is very similar to the way Owen moves while he is having his fit. Another animal symbol which is significant is the symbol of the lamb, this is very effectively used throughout the novel to prepare the reader for the ending. ...read more.


This title is significant to the story as it begins to prepare the reader for the ending, and shows the reasoning behind Michael's choice. The myth of Daedalus and Icarus turns out to be highly symbolic in the novel. It is significant because in the myth Daedalus is responsible for his son's death while trying to save him from the captivity the king held them in, while in the novel Michael is responsible for Owen's death, and he is saving him from a life of deprivation and suffering that he would live when they were finally found by the police. In conclusion, Bernard Mac Laverty's use of these symbols is very effective as it reveals alot about how the novel will end, by providing hints to what is going to happen and the reasons for the event. The way the author uses symbolism to hint at what will become is very effective as alot of it is not really noticeable until a second read of the novel. All in all the authors use of symbolism contributes highly to the success of the novel. ...read more.

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