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The Autobiography of Sham Bakrania the slave.

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The Autobiography of Sham Bakrania the slave. My memories of Africa: When I lived in Africa the life I had there was great because, every one knew me and I had many friends. Even the great long warm winters and the hot summers, it was a perfect life there, than here in the cold frosty winters and warm summer. I was born in the year of 1745 in the charming fruitful village of Essaka. I had lived with my mum dad and one brother in a nice little shack on Virginia road on the top of a hill near the centre of Essaka. In our village it was mostly a large plain or common land. Most of the people living in the village had to work for some hours it took time to walk from our homes to the fields to work for food and money, and all the neighbors even they worked. They use no tools and their only instruments were hoes, axes, shovels, and there hand, or pointed iron to dig with. Sometimes we are visited by locusts, which come in large clouds so as to darken the air and destroy our harvest for the year. This however happens rarely, but when it does a famine is produced by it. I remember an instance or two where this happened. Once it was like having the gods come upon us I through it was the end of the world and the second time it happened we all knew what it was so ...read more.


When that man freed he then took an opportunity of jumping overboard into the sea; however, he was picked up without being drowned, then the white men killed him by burning him alive! From that day I stayed close to my mother and listened to her and the white men. We were all under the decks for about 6 to 12 weeks until we had made it to The new land. My journey across the middle passage: The life on a ship was very terrible, I had seen many slaves beaten and some burned alive. We did not see much on deck because the white men did not trust us they thought that we would try to run away. Only some slaves were let out to work for then white men. So the life below deck it was a nightmare, we were all packed under shoulder to shoulder to fill every available space. So that if anyone tried to cxcape they would be trapped and could die. The smells under decks were so horrible because there were so many dirty men and women and also that the three toilets made the smells worse you could die to smell it. This horrible atmosphere had made many die or many sick by them not able to eat anything, but it did not happen to me or my mother. Below some slaves were chained down, I was not but my mum was because she was older, but many were watch very closely by the crew and if anyone tried to do anything they would be cut open. ...read more.


So then we have a feast and celebrations there is music food and the best of all its in the day, outside and also with every one not working so hard. During other days when we are not working we all ways go to our homes witch are made of wood and clay but there a secret because there is a network of hand dug tunnels all leading to a under ground room, the master has no idea about this. In the room we all eat all kinds of food that comes food another top secret tunnel leading out to a town where 2 or 3 of us go and buy food with our wages so that we can eat some of us try to excape from this tunnel but we all know that the master has a army witch will find us and kill us so we don't try it. We have to do this because that the master does not feed us. Its a hard life but we have been coping with it for now. Life here is not that good I could be happy that me and my mum are here and that we are living happily but still something is missing I have no idea what is but I hope I get out of here soon because me and my mum have just enough money to buy our freedom that really costs 40 to 200 pounds and I hope we are freed to go home and find my dad and one brother. Sham Bakrania 9 Indigo. 18/02/2005 ...read more.

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