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The Baby-sitter Peering out of the window, Elisha who was seventeen, wondered how long her boyfriend Neil

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Rachel Bell 11as The Baby-sitter Peering out of the window, Elisha who was seventeen, wondered how long her boyfriend Neil would be with the Chinese. Suddenly a boom of thunder shook the house, followed by a fork of lightning which lit up the surrounding countryside. Hearing a loud cry from upstairs, she realised the oncoming storm had woke her younger sister. "God! That's all I need," Elisha thought as she grudgingly climbing the stairs. She realised that her night of babysitting wasn't going to be a walk in the park. She tucked her sister, McKenzie back up, read her a story and kissed her on the forehead as she drifted back to sleep. Elisha crept back downstairs and started watching T.V, it was 9.30pm, Neil was due to arrive soon. 'Creek!' Noises were coming from upstairs, it couldn't be her sister as she had fallen back to sleep. ...read more.


"Oh right? It mustn't have been you!" "O.k. then," Neil said confused, "see you later." Banging from upstairs was still happening and the phone calls kept repeating themselves, so finally she decided to unplug the phone. Ten minutes later everything started going fine up until her mobile phone started to ring. Peering at the screen, Elishas' heart skipped a beat, the screen read 'home'. Shaking, she answered the phone. "H...h...he...ll...loo?" "Come upstairs bitch!" Dropping the phone, Elisha sat in the dark room watching the flickering T.V; tears were streaming down her face. She managed to phone the police and her boyfriend, by now she could hardly move. Her big beautiful blue eyes had turned red due to all the tears. Shaking as her phone rang again, with her house number appearing on her screen; she sprung up and threw the phone across the room. ...read more.


"I'm so sorry about your loss. We have a serious case on our hands, we cannot find the killer. But we are trying to our best; we will let you know if we find any information." Not knowing what to do with their selves, Distraught Elisha and Neil wondered into the back garden arm in arm. By now it was hailing very hard, the trees were whistling, and the moon was bright. Dialling her mum and dad, Elisha looked around. "Arghhhh!" Her wet mobile smashed onto the floor, to see in horror a pair of eyes glaring down at her. The 'thing' was moving closer and closer, the eyes were getting bigger and more frightening. She couldn't quite make out what it was. Was it a human or wasn't it? It couldn't be, it was covered in brown mattered hair. It was wearing a ripped grey t-shirt and some wraggy torn trousers. Fearing for their lives, they ran towards the gate, but it was all in vain...... ...read more.

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