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The Bank Robbery (creative writing)

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THE BANK ROBBERY Bob sat motionlessly, scanning the street from the car he had stolen two days ago, a nineteen eighties green Mercedes that no one would notice. He'd been parked in front of a grocery store lot for about 2 hours tracking everyone who went in and out of the Springfield Bank. Nobody really paid attention to the cars in the grocery store lot. Bob hadn't always been so careful. He'd spent a few years in prison because he was a bit stupid to think his plans through. But by now he had worked out some pretty good rules to follow. He figured out that it was best to pick on small town's with small bank's, just like the Springfield Bank, which didn't usually keep a large amounts of money on hand. Bob didn't need too much for his purposes anyway; he never liked the way of rich. He just wanted to lead a nice simple life away from the big cities. Springfield didn't have much of a police force just a few cops here and there sorting out minor offences, which was their most serious duty. ...read more.


"So how long you have been travelling for." "About three days now" he said. "So why you going Boston for." "Meet my relatives and try to find some work." Julie's friendliness dissipated. She leaned over closely and said if you think your going to rob this place you've got another thing coming I've got the best shot than any officer around here. You'd be best forgetting any thoughts you have about robbing my employers and me. "Ha no, no" he shouted. "Its just for protection when I'm on the road, you can never be to careful out on these roads". "Well just to know where I stand." "Is there only one officer in the town?" "Yep," she said. "But I keep an eye out for things too. I'm not as dumb as you may think I am." "I'll bet you are." "Excuse me I find that very offensive and if you don't mind I hope you will make your way now." "Yep I should be off bye." After that, he decided there was not another second to waste. He unlocked his car at the grocery parking lot for an easy getaway, and then he walked across the street to the bank. ...read more.


Bob gave her a dirty look and started swearing at her violently. "Bob I can't believe you really thought you could rob another bank again let me think six time running now?" "How do you know you fish."? "The Police hired out me as a undercover agent to track all your movements so you couldn't attempt or at least get a away with a bank robbery." "Well you can't blame me for trying." "Just keep those hands above your head. One false move and your dead." She reached over and removed his gun from his pocket. Then handcuffed him and put him into her car. She transmitted a backup call for more police to come and search the scene of the crime. Bob asked, " Why didn't you stop me earlier then." "So you could do the crime and so now I can get you behind bars for quite some time." He didn't say any more, but relaxed and grinned. At least I wont be going hungry, stealing for a living and wearing dirty clothes. Jail provided three meals a day, a place to sleep, some books to read, and the odd mental people to talk to. He closed his eyes and concluded that today he really had done a good days work. ...read more.

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