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The Battle Of Hastings was in the year 1066, in the medieval times.The battle took place at the south Coast of the United Kingdom

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The Battle Of Hastings was in the year 1066, in the medieval times. The battle took place at the south Coast of the United Kingdom. Just after Harold Godwinson took a gamble and went to the south coast, because he was he was waiting all summer for William Of Normandy to attack but the wind had changed and was going against him (So if William did go to attack him he would have got shipwrecked whilst he was sailing on the water). Harold Hadraada was about to attack Harold Godwinson, so then he marched his army all the way to the north coast of the United Kingdom. Fortunately Harold Godwinson defeated him. Soon later he had news that the wind changed for William Of Normandy and was about to attack him. He marched his army all the way back down and then this is when the Battle Of Hastings took place: Harold Godwinson Vs William Of Normandy Who Do You Think Will Win? The battle of Hastings was between Harold Godwinson and William Of Normandy. In the end of the battle William slaughtered Harold Godwinson and was crowned King. He won the battle because of many reasons such as his Preparations, his leadership, how lucky or unlucky he was also because of his position and tactics. ...read more.


with Harold Hadraada he was exhausted when he was going to battle with William so it will be easy for William to win to beat Harold because his army was tired. * William had many different weapons to attack Harold Godwinson with and one of them was arches. At a key moment of the battle, Harold got hit in the eye by an arrow and had died. Bad Luck * When Harold Godwinson decided to go to the south coast and wait for William to attack him first he was waiting all summer because the bad luck happened for William when the wind changed and went against him. So if he still tried to attack Harold Godwinson he would have got shipwrecked on the way sailing across. * Harold was not fully prepared because he was in a dilemma; he didn't know which coast to guard the north or the south. This shows that he was not very well prepared because he didn't know which person to attack first but he unfortunately he made the wrong decision for himself and his army. * When Harold made the wrong decision and guarded the south coast, he was waiting the whole summer for William to attack he had to feed etc. ...read more.


But William's army retreated and turned back and slaughtered Harold Godwinson and his army. By Ibrar Ahmed 7B1!!! Williams Mistakes: During the war and the battle of Hastings William didn't make any mistakes minor or major. Harold Godwinson's Mistakes: The mistake that he made was when he guarded the south coast because he waited all summer for William to attack so instead if he knew that the wind had changed he would have guarded the north coast. The major mistake that he made was when William executed his trick (did his trick) he pretended to run away so Harold thought he was winning and some of the people broke of the defensive wall so it collapsed. Then whilst he was chasing them, William's army turned around and slaughtered Harold's army. Harold's Tactics: Harold used his entire army shield and made a defensive wall to protect them. William's Tactics: The retreating tactic is when William told his army to pretend to run away but when Harold's army think there winning they will break their defensive wall and then turn around and slaughter his army. Harold's Positions: I think that Harold didn't have any positions because he was continuously guarding the north and south coast so he did not have any. William's Positions: William positions were that he had arranged his army rows. ...read more.

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