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The Beach

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The Beach Walking along the beach. Cool sand falling like avalanches over your toes. Multi- coloured grains of sand like diamonds newly cut glimmer in the light. Slowly you look up, and the sun cuts through your hair. The wind moves it around like a butterfly fluttering its wings. You slowly walk down to where the water starts and the sand ends. The waves rush up to you like they haven't seen you in a million years. They kiss your toes and fade away. ...read more.


Slowly you hesitate, stalking the ocean; you wade in to your knees. You look down into the cool dark green and deep blue. You see something, blurred, reflecting back at you. Your hair, in locks, rolls down your shoulders as you bend to see the person trapped under the surface looking up at you. You think, what if there is a whole other world, other than the one you stand on? You stride in deeper now, letting the water conquer your waste. You wade in even deeper now, up to your chest. ...read more.


Laying straight up, some sideways, with sharp pieces of wood. You somehow avoid them all. Down the boardwalk plank you skidded very excitedly. You sit on the torn rugged bench, smelling like sea salt and seaweed. Wondering what's under the ocean floor. You think maybe if you dig a very deep hole you will find out. But the concept for digging a hole in the ocean is, if you dig it, it will be filled in. You dig a hole. The water comes up replacing the hole with wet sand. In the end you are still digging the same hole. You wonder some more. Well maybe you'll just have to keep digging. Or is there another answer that lies on the crashing waves. ...read more.

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