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the beach

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Fire Island A new day had begun. Slowly ascending into the cold dark sky, the sun glowed vibrantly with delight. The passionate colours of pink grapefruits, zesty lemons, citrus oranges and red cherries filled the sky with a warmth so rich, it ignited my very being. The sea so subtle, sparkled preciously as it casually strolled up against the shore. The crystal waters which stretched far into the horizon got darker and deeper, however, still effortlessly retained its serenity. Walking on a land of gold, the sand was so soft and smooth, glistened as it reflected the suns rays with joy. Cool, light and refreshing, the breeze gently eased up against my skin and glided through my hair, and sent a gentle shiver up my spine. The rustling of leaves, the small array of birds and the delicate splashes of the sea were amazingly soothing and relaxing. The whole beach itself looked like a painted picture with a spectrum of colours all merged with one another. The sea also showed off a wide range of colours that reflected from the surface, like a dancing peacock displaying its finely flustering feathers. Although such beauty was present, the beach was abandoned. No one but Mary Cate and myself were there. ...read more.


I turned around and see her and her friends walking down the boardwalk being careful not to get splinters in their feet. They were carrying coolers and umbrellas. As they approached us, the kids ran straight for the water; the wind blowing in their faces and their laughter being carried along the beach. We helped to put the umbrellas up, the shade gave us welcome relief from the sun. We sat and chatted away not realising how fast time was passing us by. Mary Cate piped up, 'Fancy a swim anyone?'. I glanced over at the cool water. It was still calmly lapping against the shore, turning the white, soft sand into a solid dark mass which I couldn't resist. Mary Cate and I got up and walked slowly down to the waters edge, dipping our toes into the rippling water. A shiver went up my spine as a cool sensation came over my body. We walked deeper into the Ocean, till the water was about two feet under me. I looked down at it the clearest of blues, it felt like looking through a glass window onto another world. Mary Cate started splashing around and I felt trickles of water landing on my face, smelling the saltiness and tasting it on my lips. ...read more.


The storm was above us. People started to escape the beach. They were grabbing their possessions quickly as rain started belting down on them. A gloomy shadow descended upon the sea. Feeble light from a few houses near the beach appeared dim as dark clouds moved across the sky like an evil spectre. Sandcastles and motes that had been built by patient children were in pools of water but not for long as the wind swept them away. Any of the last remaining footsteps were buried beneath the sand. What could be more exiting than living in a place where your plans could be intruded upon so easily by a cause you could not control? We waited, sheltering under a little shack for the storm to end. The sky started clearing up, letting us see the last of the sunset. This was the place where I felt most comfortable; this was the place where I was calm. A place that was peaceful in its own ways. This was the place I could get away from all my troubles. It was the one place I could sit forever, staring into the deepest blue I had ever seen. It was the place where I could sit and think the best. A place where nothing mattered except what was in that little moment. This was the one place capable of sending my senses in to overload. This was the best place on earth to me. ...read more.

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