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The Beach (description)

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´╗┐Reece Buckle IGCSE Descriptive writing The atmosphere at the beach is almost intoxicating, in all its tranquility. Glistening sun rays, which reflect off the oceans smooth surface, leave the adjacent sand particles cloaked in a layer of red light, like the sand grains themselves are emitting a luxurious aura. Whilst gazing across the shoreline, I notice a minute scale battle between two seagulls and a long fat chip. The first seagull that plundered the chip was protectively nibbling at it, when the second one soared towards him like a hurricane of feathers, bombarded the chip with his piercing talons, and then rocketed off. A couple of children have just started to construct miniature sand castles now. ...read more.


All 4 adults have taken sides, and are battling it out, showering each side with the airborne beach balls. The dedicated beach ball area has a sturdy net, long enough to support numerous games of beach ball/volley ball. As the day progresses the amount of people around me has dramatically decreased from a being packed, to a scarce amount. However the last remaining few are just motionlessly sunbathing, flying kites or playing beach ball. And the atmosphere has changed to soothing and restful now. After realizing time has moved on now, I start to pack up my towel and lunch box, ready to journey home. Strolling across the shoreline, I start to carefully rummage across the surface of the previously red burned sand, scanning for shells and gems that may be lurking there. ...read more.


I delve my hands into my pockets and count any remaining coins and change that may be lurking there. The lingering hotdog scent causes my stomach to rumble involuntarily Waiting in the queue feels almost an eternity, until I finally reach first place. My stomach feels like a vast, empty cavern that could easily collapse. ?Excuse me Sir, what would you like to order?? the hot dog man briefly asks me. I mumble back ?An extra-large jumbo frankfurter please,? whilst practically drooling. I am hypnotized by his rotating spatula, flipping over the other hotdogs & burgers. The hotdog crumbles deliciously with every bite, giving me bursts of energy that courses through my blood stream, to aid me on my journey back up the pebble-stone fortress leading towards the car park. The shimmering ocean retreats into the distance, and begins revealing the silk like stones and debris that were previously undiscovered and hidden away there. ...read more.

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