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The Beast of Hamilton Creek.

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Raymond Broderick. Bower Park school. English coursework. Original writing. The Beast of Hamilton Creek. Seeing the forest through the thick mist sent a shiver of fear down Mark's trembling spine. He walked alone. Alone down a very narrow country lane surrounded in cold air, thick mist, and over grown thorn bushes. The full moon above him would occasionally disappear then reappear, as thick grey clouds would roll past, casting shadows over him. His breath was warm against his freezing face, and his heart thudded his broad chest with each slow stride he made. He squinted, staring in all directions through the thick mist, trying to the best of his ability to make out the mysterious shapes and outlines of the things around him. He was so afraid. Afraid as he knew the rumours of the creature that had killed so many people over the years. A creature unknown to scientist. Unknown to anyone except the unfortunate people who had encountered it including his own father, and for the lucky hunters that managed to escape it. Mark tried hard, very hard to forget the blood and cuts that he saw on his father's corpse that night, but he couldn't. The bloody images stayed in his mind reminding him of the scene everywhere he went. ...read more.


He turned the corner and then moved slowly down the slightly wider road. Although the road was wider it was just as scary to Mark as the narrow path. There was still much thick mist, and the temperature was still very low. Thorn bushes still lined the road and a forest was on either side of him. Mark looked up at the moon and he thought he could see some thunder clouds, he wasn't absolutely sure though, as his vision was blurred and his mind was full of thoughts. A drop of rain fell upon Mark's head, it ran down his face and then onto his thick sweater where it was absorbed into the woollen fibres. He tried to stand but it was pointless. Each time he pulled himself up he just fell back down causing more pain to his injuries. "Nearly home now, just a little further." A few minutes of painful crawls in the rain finally paid off as Mark reached his house. He looked up at the oak effect door, and then located the door handle. Giving the handle a tug the door opened. It slammed into the dinner table behind sending a china plate to the floor. "Oop's, I forgot about using this front door." ...read more.


They moved directly through the creature, like two missiles aimed with precision and out the other side. The beast fell backwards in a cluster of blood and onto the ground. The disgusting corpse of the creature laid head hidden, back facing the boys. Two visible bullet holes on the beasts back, the source of the red blood that was flowing out of the injuries. " Is it dead Mikey?" " I think so." It sure wasn't, the creature turned, then leaped onto Mark. "Mikey help me, get it off!" The beast in anger lashed out scrapping Mark's face, it then lifted its head and bit his arm. " Mikey." Bang. Mikey aimed the second bullets directly into the beast's head. Blood splattered onto the thorn bushes beside the target. The head of the beast fell from its neck, killing the creature for sure. "Mikey, get it off me." Mikey kicked the body off of his brother and lifted him to his feet. Mark, badly injured hugged his brother. " Its ok, it's all over now Mark, lets go home." Mikey supporting his little brother struggled home then bandaged the injuries. " Is it finished Mikey?" " It sure is Mark, It sure is." Or was it? Little did Mikey or Mark know the creature he had killed had given birth a week before to six, dependant cubs each inheriting their mother's instincts. ...read more.

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