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"The Beast of my Creations!"

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"The Beast of my Creations!" The year 2003, August 16th. It was my first term at university and my ambition was to create something, which the world had not seen before. I was doing a degree course to become a scientist. The course itself extended to four years. After four years study I finally graduated and was ready to amaze the world with my unique creations! But not everything went according to my plans. My husband was murdered, and I had murdered him. It all had started when I got promoted at work. After getting my degree I had got a job in Lexmark pharmaceuticals. During my first five years of employment I worked very hard and made many improvements to the existing medicines. Then one day when I had arrived at work, James my boss called me into his office. I was very nervous because the company had occurred a great loss in sales in the past few months, and many people had been made redundant. But to my surprise I had been promoted to chief executive. This rise in authority meant of course I could work from home. In order to do this I got a lab fitted into the basement of my house? Not so wise I think now, if I hadn't made this move I would still be free instead of being locked up in the jail. ...read more.


I want to do something in my life that I will be remembered for. I want to make my life more interesting." After this I had never asked him again if he was sure, although I wish I had, now. Anyway a week before the antidote had to be inserted into his body, I guided him around my laboratory, and informed him about the project and what might befall him; soon I could see he was becoming increasingly dismayed, still I did not ask him if he was sure about going ahead with the project. The day arrived, and I was more anxious than before as now my dream would be fulfilled. I gave Jones a solute chemical to drink, which would cause him to fall asleep. After he dozed off, I began to insert the antidote into his blood stream little by little. This had taken me approximately half an hour, I think. I 'm not really sure because at the time I was preoccupied by thoughts that scare me even today. While I was waiting something baneful about what I had done occurred to me. What if Jones became a vile beast? What if his blood cells were transformed into millions of small and deadly parasites? I tried hard to push these thoughts to the back of my mind, without success. After a couple of hours of anxious waiting the crucial moment arrived; my dream of creating the perfect human, had been realised, or so I thought. ...read more.


His mouth and body had the odour of a rotting corpse. His skin seemed to have larvae masticating on it, as if it were all chewed up with bits of flesh from which blood was dripping. The blood itself was a revolting sight: a disgusting brown colour. His body itself was totally misshapen ; one leg bigger than the other; one arm shorter than the other; his hands and most of his torso was grotesque. It was a hideous and abhorrent sight. I stood there in shock trying to make myself believe this had not happened to my husband, to the man I loved and would always love. Then suddenly Jones turned and started to walk towards me. I could see it in his eyes that some part of him still loved me and that he could not harm me , but then suddenly some sort of fear crept upon me and I picked up a knife which was lying on the table. As Jones got closer to me the fear inside me grew greater and greater. Then without warning I dashed towards Dagger Jones and stabbed him brutishly several times until he lay in a broken heap on the floor, with all the blood drained from his body and I stood there weeping at the death of my husband. The police came and arrested me after my admitting to the murder. I got sentenced to death. Now I am writing an account of what happened so the world and my friends know the truth behind the beast that I had created. ...read more.

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