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The Beast.

Extracts from this document...


Chapter 1 The moonlight trickled though the bare, twisted tree tops, inviting shadows to dance playfully on the wintry ground below. As she made her way through the park she saw him, watching, waiting for her, half hidden under the darkness of the great oak tree, and she smiled. Emerging from the shadows he moved towards her. "You're finally here then!" He joked as he drew her into his arms. "I came as soon as I could. It's been way too long," she whispered before pressing her lips against his. "I've missed you so much." He spoke softly. "Not as much as I've missed you!" Perched up high on a naked branch of the tree, the beast watched the two human bodies in the freshly fallen snow. He slowly raised his head as he anticipated the flavour of their ripe young blood. An evil grin spread his snout, the tips of his sharpened fangs glinting in the moonlight. He made his decent along the heaving mass of tangled branches and stopped directly above the couple, who were blissfully oblivious that they were about to become dinner. "What was that?" She sat up looking up in to the tree but all she could see was the darkness of the shadows. "What was what?" He laughed, gently kissing the back of her neck. "I didn't hear anything." "I thought I heard something. Up there in the trees." She pointed her finger up to the tree. "It was properly just a bird!" He placed his hands firmly on her arms. She relented falling back in to his embrace. A huge weight fell from above, pinning her underneath his body, unable to escape the vice like grip. A strangled shriek rang through her ears, taking a moment to realise it was her own voice. She saw the panic in her boyfriends eyes rise then explode like a river bursting its flood wall. ...read more.


Garath Hunt was Wayne's best friend. Garath, had Downs syndrome or downs sindy as Wayne called it. They were like two peas in a pod, even talking in their own language. Garath was coming to Wayne's party and he couldn't wait. Wayne picked up his action man and went to the back door. Slowly he pushed the door and it swung open. Running through the kitchen calling his mother's name he came to a full stop, skidding on the shiny tiled floor. His mother sat on the couch in the living room, sobbing like a baby. She caught sight of Wayne and wiped the tears from her wet cheeks. "Why are you crying mummy? Did the funny man hurt you?" "No darling. I'm all right. Come here and give me a squeeze you little squirt." Outstretching her arms he ran to her, taking in her warmth and enjoying her smell. "Love you mummy." Wayne reached up and kissed her on the cheek. Licking the salty taste from his lips he buried himself in her chest. "Love you too baby." His mother smoothed his baby blond hair and kissed his cheek. "Now upstairs to get clean before daddy comes home. I've run you a bath, not too hot mind and I will be up in a minute." Wayne loved his mother so much it could burst sometimes but his father was a different matter. Wayne's father was a bully both to his wife and his child. Just the mere mention of his father sent shivers up his spine. Wayne's father worked on the farm. It was a large farm so they often wouldn't see him all day. Usually, he came home at around six, had his tea then went to the pub most nights, often returning drunk and violent. Wayne had hidden his head under the pillow many times before, trying to block out the cries of pain from his mother's beatings. ...read more.


Children's voices screaming "Please help us!" into the night sky, into the darkness. "Frank, come here." He could see the light beginning to open at the end of the darkness. So bright was the light it nearly blinded him. He covered his face slightly with his hand and began to walk. The little voices say "That's it Frank, walk to the light. We need to show you for you to help us." "What do you want to show me? I don't understand" Frank screamed into the night. Still he walked on closer to the light, closer to the truth. The wind blew his clothes so hard he thought they would rip from his body. The closer he got to the light the harder it became to walk, his legs buckling like jelly. "Come on Frank, don't give up please!" The little voices plead. Frank struggled to carry on towards his goal, the light at the end of the tunnel. Then he was there. The wind stopped and light engulfed his vision. Sinking to his knees he hid his face as his eyes adjusted to the light. He felt a little tug on his arm and looked up to see a little girl of about three standing there. "I have to show you" She said before placing her hand on his forehead. As soon as contact was made a blinding pain ran through his head causing him to scream in pain. A thousand visions flooded his brain at once, too many to distinguish one from the other. All were of children dying horrific deaths, Their heads all being torn from their bodies as easily as if they were jelly babies. He saw their bodies all heaped together on one bloody pile of rotting carcases. Some of them looked newborn. He screamed for them, for him, and for everything that was wrong with a world that this could happen. He felt their pain surge through his veins and he felt their anger. They wanted to go home but they couldn't. "Help us go home Frank!" The little voices said. 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Educating Rita section.

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