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The Benefits of School Uniform.

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´╗┐UNIFORM IS THE SIGNATURE OF THE SCHOOL School is a formal place but unfortunately lots of students mix this fact. Nowadays you can see every single student wearing things except school appropriate uniforms. Of course people can reflect their personality by wearing such cloth however it is about the right place and the right time. Schools are the places to be formal. Also our school policy is not that strict. So why students still insist on changing the uniform? ...read more.


Also there is a clear fact that in Koç School there are lots of affluent students. Uniform break this inequality because everyone is wearing the same cloth. In our age students are judged by which brand they wear and thanks to the uniform this is not happening. It very humiliating and a non sense behaviour. In my opinion uniform shows signs of respect, respect for the school. The most prestigious schools in the world have a strict uniform policy because uniform shows the quality. ...read more.


Students priority should be getting some knowledge not their appearance. Also an advantage of a uniform is that you save money. You do not have to wear different clothes in a week or buy clothes for not to wear same outfit several times. Despite the most of the students I support the uniform policy for equality and formality in the school. I believe that uniform policy prepare the students for real working life it is a responsibility.The school is not the right place to wear extra mini skirts or grow a moustache. The school is a place to learn and have friendships. ...read more.

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