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The Best Thrill Ride of My Life.

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The Best Thrill Ride of My Life They say that childhood is a time of discovery, exploring and most certainly a time to have loads of exuberating times. All of these things were defiantly factors when me, my Dad and my Sister went to Florida in America. My unrivalled memory from that trip was taking the plunge and trying to go on my first ever rollercoaster ride. I am not normally one to go on rollercoasters, as I am one in many who don't like the thrills and spills that the beasts hand out to those stupid enough to go on them. This time however was different! This time was the biggest rollercoaster I could ever remember seeing and I just couldn't turn down the opportunity! Let me set the scene... The sun was blazing down on our already overheated bodies. The sky was clear blue like the ocean and only the occasional wisp of a cloud could spoil its perfectness. 'This holiday,' I was thinking, 'Is the best holiday of my life so far.' It was the second to last day of our two-week holiday in Florida. Meaning, that like most holidays this one was tragically drawing to a stop like an old great train pulling in at the station. ...read more.


My towel however did have a stunning design of Shimu on the front so I decided to purchase it. After the show and lunch we were walking around the park when we all saw the most colossal rollercoaster I had ever seen. I have been to Blackpool and seen 'The Big One' when I was six and even though it will have seemed huge this one looked even more humongous. It was like a big green monster, which was primarily the impression they were trying to give to people. The ride was based on a mythical serpent, which was ruled over by Poseidon (Greek god of the Oceans). My dad was trying to persuade me to go on but I was having none of it and stubbornly said the two magical letters n and o "No!" My sister is only three years younger than me and yet she is not scared of rollercoasters until it's to late and she on them. She wasn't anywhere near as petrified as me though and she went for it while I stood and watched. The more I watched them drop, barrel roll and corkscrew on the big green stalks spanning most of the park, the more I wanted not to get on it. When they got off it my dad was saying "Its not so bad" but by the exhilarated vibes he was sending out I knew he was lying. ...read more.


After the ride I was actually shocked at how much fun I actually had on the ride and how much I had enjoyed it. After we exited the ride we walked down the pitching path towards the miniature bunker where you were able to purchase your on-ride photo shots. After much debating we decided that we should try to get a photo where all three of us had our eyes open and our hands in the air. This turned out to be a lengthy process, seven trips in-fact, until we all agreed on the right photo. On the front of the little booklet, which held the photo, was the name of the ride with a picture of two little monsters eyes peering over the top of the writing, which was red. On the inside right there was our photo and on the left was the history of the mythical beast and why it arose from the bottom of the sea. At the rides shop afterwards I decided it would be a good idea to buy a postcard with a photo of the ride on it so I could show people just how awesome it really is. Since that day I have been able to go on any rollercoaster to face me. All down to the day that I conquered 'Kraken'. ...read more.

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