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The Best time of my life...

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The Best time of my life... I feel so alone, lost, and isolated. No where warm to go. No one to talk to. The Weather is so cold; my sleeping bag doesn't keep me warm. In months I haven't seen my family or had a bath. Last Night I slept underneath the canal bridge. It protected me from the rain and wind. Yesterday I met an old woman, she told me the only way to survive is to think of no one but yourself. I told her I had no where to go and nothing to eat and she told me how each day she goes out to beg. It really does work, so now when someone walks by me and looks, I say, "Got any spare change please?" or "10p for a cup of tea" At lunchtime I was able to buy a cup of coffee at a small caf´┐Ż. It was hard trying to make one cup of coffee last 3 hours. I also wandered to the tip; I found a blanket in the skip. So that night I wrapped the blanket round my legs and put on everything I owned. I stuffed the cardboard box I was sitting in full with newspaper and I finally managed to get to sleep. I had a dream that my parents found me and said they were sorry and brought me home. Then I woke up to find the terrible disappointment that I was on the streets still. ...read more.


Two teenage girls my age pointed and sniggered at me and I blanked them out with my expression. I sobbed and closed my eyes, everything came into focus, and I finally realised what my life was for, Nothing. I suddenly thought to myself, I wonder if there is a bed available at the Red Cross shelter for tonight. This time Last year I was warm and cosy in my home eating a massive Christmas dinner with stuffing and gravy. Followed by Christmas cake and squirty cream. I remember my Dad giving a toast to health and happiness in the future. We all raised our glasses and said "cheers!" We pulled our crackers, put on our silly little green hats, and read our joke. "How many tramps does it take to screw in a light bulb?" my Dad read. I used to love Christmas so much; it was my favourite time of the year. Now it isn't. Yesterday I saw a newspaper headline reading, "Schoolgirl still missing" and it sent a chill down my spine, and made me think about my parents, and if they knew I was here, sitting in the centre of Birmingham. I always begged my mother for us to go shopping in Birmingham, she always told me if was too far away just to go shopping. I'm really not too sure about wanting to be there now. ...read more.


Looked up at my Yorkshire puddings and handed one to Lucy. She looked up and smiled and continued eating. After the grand meal we all got thrown out the shelter until 9 that night. As I walked out of the shelter a young lad no more than 11 or 12 put what seemed to be an ultra-violet stamp on my hand. I stopped in my tracks and asked, "what happens if it washes off, will we be able to get back in?" the boy paused, then laughed, raised one eyebrow and said, "fat chance of that happening love" and with that he instantly looked away. I came back to the shelter at 9. Lucy was no-where to be seen, but I didn't worry, I had bigger things to think about which made me really excited. Like the hot shower I was about to have. After my cold shower (there was no hot water) I felt great. I got snuggled up in bed and went straight to sleep. It felt strange having a big dormitory as my bedroom and I wasn't used to it. It was weird knowing I didn't have my own space. But it was so much better than outside in my cardboard box. I started to reminisce, and I started thinking about my old bedroom, how nice it was. How much I would want to be back home again, with my family. That was the best time of my life... Lisa Percival 10NI Page 1 ...read more.

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