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The best time of my Life.

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The best time of my Life Best time of my life was when I was at Disneyland in America before I went there I didn't think it was going to be what it was all hyped up to be. But from the minute I got off the plane when the heat whacked me up the face I knew it was going to be a once in a lifetime trip. When I got there me my grand-dad and my grand-mother were in the car with my grand-dad driving and we got lost on the way to the Disney sport resort and my grand-dad hates it when you become a back seat driver see I already knew this and kept my mouth shut so eventually we arrived at the hotel just ready to go for a bit of sleep but excitement over powered me. When I finally got to sleep I was woken at 10:30 am and I got a shower then went down to the pool. I didn't apply any sun tan lotion on because I thought it would be all rite as I was wearing a tee-shirt ...read more.


Later on that day whilst I was exploring the resort I came across a lot of exciting things such as full size tennis courts arcade rooms and the other pools. But the best thing about the resort I think would be the main resort pool because this had a plastic statue of goofy the character in the middle of the pool that acted as a water cannon shooting out balls of water and soaking you. The next day I got a shower when I woke up an went down to the pool after the pool we went to a theme park called The Animal Kingdom I really enjoyed this theme park as it was to do with wild life I went of a safari in this theme park an when your driving over a bridge the bridge collapsed and my heart was literally in my mouth then when you're driving along poacher try to shoot animals and the man driving reports this on his radio and the jeep hid behind some bush's but the poachers spotted us and chased us across the grass an started shooting then back up comes and they arrest the poachers. ...read more.


On the second last day of our visit we went to a theme park called universal studios this is were the famous jaws and the terminator attraction jaws is a thrilling attraction because you going now mal in this boat and a big shark comes up the side of your boat and tries to tip the boat as the man tries to kill it with his shot gun. The terminator it the ultimate 3d experience when you go inside they ask you to put on 3d glasses on an when he shoot the bad guys when there falling its like they are falling on top of you and at the end its like he sticks his head an says "I'll be back" his most famous words. When we had to leave I was sad the great fun I had there when I was a kid. to see it all go but my life ambition is to go back there with my own kids and show them By Jon Martin 11B ...read more.

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