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The Big Case

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The Big Case "Your witness Miss Katie Tarver," exclaimed the chief prosecuting attorney as Peter Penn stood up before her. She just stared into his deep blue eyes, and he into hers. Her head was full of mixed emotions and she couldn't make sense of it all. 'It shouldn't have happened last night,' she thought to herself with a sense of regret. 'We should never have gone out for a meal last night, it's unethical. It's your biggest case yet and there you go, sneaking out for a meal with your defendant's son. You could lose your job.' "Miss Tarver, your witness." Still she sat there, tall and slender with ocean blue eyes and blonde hair that just fell onto her face. She looked around the courtroom, filled with news reporters and the type of spectators attracted to fatal highway accidents and murder trials. As murder trials went, this one was spectacular. Katie Tarver was a compact, energetic shark who had built up a reputation for racking up acquittals for her clients. ...read more.


Her mind started to drift back in time... "Could all passengers for flight 733071 to New York, please go to gate 8." Katie knew she had to leave, and even though they weren't her real parents she was leaving, she knew she would miss them a lot. There had grown such a strong bond over the years that most of the time she forgot that she was adopted; they were just like any other family. She remembered how, when she was a child, she would go down the stairs, the smell of toast so reassuring, just like Anne and Bob were. Her most vivid memory was when her parents had told her that her real name was Jill Hunter and that she was adopted, but she hadn't cared as she still loved them as though they were her real parents. This was the moment she had been waiting for all her life, the "big move", her chance to start her life as a lawyer. The only thing she didn't like about it was leaving her parents. ...read more.


"My mother was a very successful woman. She told me a secret before she died and asked me to carry on what she had started. She had a daughter in England when she was merely a child, and so was forced to put the child up for adoption by her own mother and she never forgave her for it. She thought about her all of the time. Mum made me promise to find her and give her all of her inheritance to try to make up for the guilt my mother felt about leaving the child to fate." "Have you told anyone else about this?" Katie said with a surge of excitement. "No," Peter said, with a puzzled look on his face. "Only Dad." "We must find her, Peter. Don't you know what this means? This will put your father in the clear. If the money goes to her daughter, it proves your father didn't kill her for her money. Have you any other information on your sister?" "Her name changed when she was adopted, but I don't know what to." "Do you know her original name?" "Yes." "What is it?" "Jill Hunter." ...read more.

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