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The Big Change - It all started at 11:00pm on the 20th July 2011, and I was in my local pub/restaurant

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Original Writing The Big Change It all started at 11:00pm on the 20th July 2011, and I was in my local pub/restaurant "Steve's Steak House". I was waiting for Nick Mondo, Nick is also a pro wrestler and my favourite opponent and we have been best friends since we were kids. Nick and I had just had a main event spot in Combat Zone Wrestling's main pay per view of the year "Walk way to Hell". CZW is where Nick and I work, Nick and I have been working there for about three years and we were both being paid about $75,000 a year. Nick and I grew up in England and at the age of 18 when we left collage we both moved too Philadelphia in the USA. "Walk way to Hell" is our favourite ppv of the year because that is when we both made our first appearance 3 years ago. Nick was at the hospital ward after getting parts of a light strip in his eye after he hit me with one in our match, I was fine just a few scratches. The match was great but there was one mistake near the end and this mistake is the one, which ended Nick's career. Nick threw me out of the ring and then came out after me, he snap suplexed me on the concrete floor and then went to get a light strip. ...read more.


After breakfast Helen went to work, she is a lawyer for a big company in the city and in a way is my "little sugar mama". After Helen goes I go to training at the gym. I arrived at the gym at 10:00am and I saw Nick waiting at the gym gates for me, he told me that he needed to speak to me about last night. We went in to the gym where he asked me if I had picked up his wallet when we left, I told him that the last time I saw it was when he was buying me a pint at the pub before we left. After the gym Nick and I went to the CZW arena to see if the cleaner had found it but when I asked the caretaker he said that all cleaners leave the arena at 5:30pm and that it was impossible that there could be any one in the arena after that time because he was the last person out that night and there was no one there when he locked up. From there Nick and I went on a wallet hunt around the stadium but there was no luck. Yes there is a reason why we were trying to find Nicks wallet and it is because there was two tickets for WRESTLEMAINA 27!! That very night, yes the WWE's biggest ppv of the year on the 21st July 2011 and we had just lost the last tickets. ...read more.


kept climbing to the top of the steel cage and it was there I stood and looked at 21 thousand people screaming, camera men running around trying to get the best angle, the press flashing away, Jim Ross screaming his head off, Shane McMahon staring at me with amazement and Stone Cold and Nick in a stun of disbelief, I knew what Nick was thinking it was that I was going to do it and it was going to be good. So I stood at the top of the cage fans chanting my name and my heart froze I looked down at The Rock and he opened his eyes and winked at me as if to say that I should do it so it was then I launched myself up and forward all I saw was flashing of cameras I followed through with a moonsault and landed it perfect. I looked up and saw Shane and paramedics running to ringside, Stone Cold jumped on top of The Rock and pinned him he get the 1 2 3 and he was new WWE champion. By the time the Steel Cage had risen I was still on the floor but with one thing extra, a broken leg. Stone Cold was happy I was happy and so was Nick, Steve and Nick carried me back stage with a row of paramedics and Shane following so we left The Rock with a smile on our faces and a Bud in our hands and a packed full arena chanting C Z DUB. ...read more.

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