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The big fat Bully

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                                              The Bully I was scared. The threat was real, very real. I can see him even now. George the big fat bully. For months  I watched him and his cronies pick o younger boys, separating them from their friends and beating them up.  I knew what they were doing, so did everyone else at school. We were all equally guilty. Guilty as George and his fellow friends. We should have stood up to them... But we didn't. The longer we stood back and accepted their behaviour, the stronger they became. One winter's morning big George and his friends loomed out of the fog, they walked aggressively towards me and formed a semi circle. ...read more.


I was petrified. The fog swirled around, isolating us.  I sweated in this cold air, knowing what was waiting for me. ''What's up toad? Don't ya want ya pretty face smashed up?'' ''Why don't you leave me alone?Go annoy someone else!'' As I said it, my pen fell out of my top pocket on to the ground. ''You throwin' your pens at me toad face?!'' George asked with angriness in his voice, searching for any excuse to start hitting me. I didn't want him to find an excuse. He stood there hands on his hips, wearing his school blaer, trousers and his one-white shirt. ''Don't be silly, it just fell otu of my pocket and landed on the ground.'' I murmured. ...read more.


I felt the impact of his hands long after they arrogantly returned to his hips, My only consolation, that the fog prevented my defeat being witnessed. However I couldn't hide behind a curtain of fog. It had to be all or nothing. ''George'' I started  uncertainly, but from nowhere an idea into my head ,I had no confidenc but it was forth atry, ''I know you can beat me, I don't doubt it, but George just remember on thing:  When I hit the ground so will your front teeth. Is beauting me up worth losing your teeth. I will not be afraid to punch you directly to your teeth'' The reaction from the overweight George was almost comical. He looked lost. ''Er.. Er...'' he murmured '' You're not worth the worth the effort... You're just a little toad! Go! Go, before i change my mind!'' That's what I did, I walked away... ...read more.

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