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The big match.

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The crowd erupted as the 22 players emerged from the tunnel; each one gunning for victory like the crowd and each player was greeted with an encouraging cheer. Then whilst the players shook hands with the other team, regarded as the enemy, I was left to fantasise about the course of events that might occur over the next 90 minutes of thrilling action. This was the final, placing Champions Of England, Manchester United against the Champions Of Germany, Bayern Munich. War was about to commence . . .. This was the day I had been anticipating since United had qualified for the final and my Dad immediately booked flights, tickets and hotel accommodation so we could see United. Finally it had arrived, Wednesday 26th Of May. The Nou Camp in Barcelona was the spectacular host of the final and was packed with 91,000 people, all of whom shared the belief that their team was going to win and claim the title " Champions Of Europe". Many fans were here 31 years ago in 1968, when Sir Matt Busby guided United to the title. Could it happen again? ...read more.


However, for as long as I could remember, he had been the pessimist, whilst I had always been " blinded by the false hope that is optimism" as my dad called it. Either way, I watched the corner with renewed enthusiasm, but when it was immediately cleared by a tall German defender, I soon sank back into my seat. Half Time. United had created very few chances, but inspired by yet another pep talk from my Dad, I began to believe United still had a chance to equalise as long as they scored soon, before the Germans became ultra defensive in their play. Early into the second half, the nearby-United fans, including us, started cheering and chanting, and in about 30 seconds, it seemed nearly all United fans were cheering with us. "Well, if they still believe, so do I", I thought to myself. Then during our out of tune but very loud performance of "GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED", Beckham, who had been flamboyant all night, whipped in a deep cross towards Butt. The cheering immediately stopped, and to use an old phrase, you could have heard a pin drop. ...read more.


This was the best moment of my life to date and was made even better by the fact that I had still been smiling from our goal 45 seconds earlier. The goal completed the late resurrection and made my dreams of the previous years of following United a reality. The final whistle blew and was met with screams of joy and fulfilment and wails of anguish from the Bayern concrete wall, which I'm glad to say, was shimmering more than ever. It was the most melodramatic victory in European football's history and to cap it all, United had won the treble on what would have been Sir Matt Busby's 90th Birthday The experience of having a sudden change from extreme depressive, to ultimate happiness has made me a generally much more optimistic person and has given me more believe into the statement "Anything is possible". It has also made me a much more determined person as I have seen the rewards that the United teams' determination brought them (and me) and also the punishment of a lack of determination to Bayern Munich. It has also made me a more faithful person and I tend to stand by things that I believe in now, when previously I probably would have given up. By Chris Smith ...read more.

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