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The Big Secret.

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Toni McCann The Big Secret "But you've had it all day, you've been at home. I've been at work, I deserve to choose what we watch!" Simon snatched the remote control from his sister's stubborn hand. "Its Hollyoaks, Si, you know how much I love it, and you wouldn't deprive your little sis of her favourite T.V. programme, would you?" Sophie asked, with that look she used to get her own way, and no one could resist letting her get what she wanted when she looked up at you with her big, blue, puppy-dog eyes, fluttered her eyes and pouted her lips as she spoke. "Oh O.K. then, 'little sis'," he said sarcastically, rolling his eyes, "Yeah, by about five minutes." He sat down and put his arm around her, "It's a good job I love you isn't it?" He laughed, kissing her on the cheek. "Awww thanks Si, love you too." Simon and Sophie were seventeen-year-old twins and they'd always been very close and they were always cuddling, even though they argued all the time, but it never lasted for long. They both had dark hair and dark skin, which they had inherited from their Brazilian mother; however, they had inherited bright blue eyes from their father, which looked slightly odd against their other dark features. Sophie was very pretty, her hair was waist-length and shiny, she was slim and very tall. Simon had the same build but was slightly smaller and his hair was always gelled into spikes. "I'll get that," Simon said fifteen minutes later when they heard a knock at the door. "Oh, it's you," he said disappointedly. "Sophie! It's for you!" She came running past him and leapt into the tall man's arms, as he stepped through the doorway. ...read more.


And I know you're too good for him. There's something I don't like about him." "But that's why isn't it? Because I'm your sister, male relatives never think boyfriends are good enough for you." "I suppose you're right," Simon said, "but you've got to admit he's not the best of the bunch, is he?" he asked, "Sorry," he added quickly. "Well, maybe not but it's only his past and everyone's got one of them haven't they." "True... but... never mind...anyway, I'm poppin' down the shop, you want anything?" He asked, grinning. "Err... I'll have a galaxy caramel and a packet of..." "Pickled Onion Monster Munch?" Simon interrupted, standing up. "Yeah, how'd you guess?" She asked sarcastically. Simon laughed, opening his mouth wide enough so that it could have been easily mistaken for a black hole about to swallow its surroundings. Simon was about five hundred metres from the shop, in his red and blue tracksuit and his Liverpool football shirt when he tripped and fell over. As he stood up, he noticed that he had marked the new trainers that his grandma had bought him two weeks before. "Mum's going to kill me," he said aloud. He leant forward, licked his thumb and attempted to rub the mark off, when he heard a voice that was a bit too familiar for Simons liking. He looked to his right, to see Gary with his back to him, talking on his mobile phone. Simon darted behind the corner of the wall. He hated bumping into Gary, he knew that Simon hated him but he still acted all 'pally' with him just to annoy him even more. As he stood behind the wall he heard Gary arrange to meet someone the next day at the local garage. ...read more.


An hour later, Sophie was sitting in the police station, accompanied by Simon, who were both telling the police everything from about the way Gary had treated Sophie, to conversations he had had about drugs and guns. The police found that he had a previous criminal record, which involved, amongst other things, burglary, theft, joy-riding, vandalism, disturbing the piece and had even been accused of murder, but was not found guilty, as there wasn't enough evidence. Sophie spent the next month hiding in her room, only coming out to go to the bathroom, too afraid to even go downstairs for something to eat. Simon had to bring food upstairs and eat with her. Gary had been around many times, banging on the door, smashing windows, in an attempt to see Sophie but he had not succeeded. Eventually, they got a call from the police, saying that they had caught up with Gary and that he had been given an anti-social behaviour order. He had been tagged and could not step outside his house between 7pm and 7am; he could not drink alcohol or use drugs and could not hang around in gangs of more than three people. The tag prevented him from breaking his curfew, as in Simon's opinion; even Gary wasn't stupid enough to break the law right under the police's noses. He was told that he could not come anywhere near Sophie's house or Sophie herself and so she finally came out from her room and started to slowly get her life back together. Everything that happened had brought Simon and Sophie even closer together than they already were, and afterwards, they told each other everything, just in case. "So I suppose we've got one thing to thank Gary for, eh Soph?" "Yeah," she sighed, "I suppose we have." ...read more.

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