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The Birds

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Alfred Hitchcock is known as the 'Master of Suspense'. How effectively does he create this in the climbing frame scene, in the film 'The Birds' The film 'The Birds' was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and created by Daphne de Maurier. 'The Birds' was created in 1964. The main characters in the film are: Melanie (the main character), Mitch (Melanie's boyfriend), Cathy (Mitch's sister), Lydia (Mitch's mum), also there is another character and that is the school teacher (Anny). Alfred Hitchcock's nickname was the 'Master of Suspense'. This nickname was given to him because in all of his films he builds a lot of tension. The main scene he was remembered in 'The Birds' was the climbing frame, which builds up suspense and tension. The film was set in two places. It started it San Francisco but the main part of the film was set in Bodega Bay, which turned out to be an unwelcoming place to live. The birds are used because people take them for granted. We see birds every day and never think that they will attack humans. In this film Alfred Hitchcock has chosen birds, which would build a lot of suspense. ...read more.


As Melanie drives towards the school the audience and hear the children singing and as she goes closer towards the school the singing gets louder. This shows the audience that the school children are innocent because they are singing nursery rhymes. Melanie then goes into the school trying to pick up Cathy but the school hasn't finished yet. When she opens the door, Melanie asks Anny (the teacher) something. Melanie lip reads with Anny so the audience can't hear what they are saying. This gives a feeling of suspense again, because the audience can't understand what they are saying to each other. When Melanie comes back outside the school, the camera shows her at a low angle shot. As Melanie walks down the stairs. The camera follows her to ground level. There Melanie starts to walk to a seat in the playground. As she is moving, the camera pans with her. She is walking away from the camera. This is also a long shot, because the audience can see the climbing frame in the background, as well as Melanie walking. When Melanie sits down she lights a cigarette. This shows how fast the time is going. ...read more.


Then Anny tells the children hat Melanie wants to see how they want to practice a fire drill. The children react in a way that tells the audience how innocent they are. They repeat whatever the teacher says. Next you hear the children's footsteps, while looking at a long shot of the birds on the playground. The children run as fast as they can, wanting to get to a safe place, where the birds won't attack. Most of the children get injured a little bit by the birds, and there is some close up shots of where the birds are hitting the children. One girl falls down while running and the birds are pecking her back. This is a mid-shot because you can see the whole of her body, and where the birds are attacking her. Hitchcock creates suspense by using different shots and angles. For example the climbing frame scene. The birds seemed really vicious because of the earlier attacks. It sticks into your mind, that if you see the birds in big gangs, they are about to do something. This scene is very affective because it brings the most suspense in the whole of the film and also by the positioning of the camera and the different shots and angles used to make this affective. Sachin Shah ...read more.

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