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The birthday party

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Gcse scripted play 1 The birthday party 1: The play the birthday party by Harold Pinter. This is a dark humoured play set in an English town. It is about a couple who let out a room to a lodger called Stanley. One day two men arrive on a door step looking for rooms. The arrival of these men opens up a can of worms for Stanley, as they come from a mysterious past. Although we never discover the whole picture of what Stanley did, a web of tension is woven around the relationship that Stanley has with these men. Goldberg, the stronger character of the two, masterminds the destruction of Stanley and the play centres Very much around the way in which they do it. 2: The extract We chose this section because it involved the final showdown, which is the most moving part of the play. It is the bit where Goldberg and McCann are scaring him with psychological warfare. ...read more.


Duncan's costume has to be as sinister as possible by means of dressing him up as a dark sided, evil looking man with no sole. He will wear a leather jacket and Gestapo gloves. Duncan, Moss and me are doing a bit text editing. We are adding and subtracting some parts of the script to try and get away with Duncan and I looking as scary as possible and still make it sort of a comedy. In the mere future we shall do some blocking to sort some of our scenes out of their boringness. Props we are going to use are as follows: * A bottle * Box's to make the cellar more surrounded. THE CHARICTER I began to like McCann because he wasn't really that strong at getting his point across but he was used by Goldberg to put pressure on his victem. I liked this idea of pier pressure because it could be used to get people to do things at you're command. ...read more.


McCann receives the instructions and does them what ever it is, if he was told to jump off a cliff he probably do it. Q. What do you do? A. I do whatever Goldberg does Q. Do you consider you're self-immortal? A. Well I don't know where I was born and I haven't tried to kill my self but it seems strange to me that I have no memory of my passed. Q. Why did you go after Stanley which Goldberg? A. Well we where just bumming around some bed and breakfast's when Goldberg said to me that we have to go and find this guy called Stanley so we did. Over the last few weeks we have been going over the play again and again. I now feel confident enough to perform the play without a script. Graham and Duncan I think know there line quite well and I think that all they need to do is practice on there queues as they might go a bit off track. Now I think the main aim is to start to think about what to wear. ...read more.

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