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The birthday wish.

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The birthday wish By Jessica Bailey Its Chloe's thirteenth birthday - she's in her bedroom sitting on the bed dressed and ready for her guests to arrive. Her thoughts show her excitement for the day's event. (Room is decorated with banners and lit by spot light) I cant believe it, its my birthday today - I'm a teenager I've waited for this day all my life, funny really I thought I'd feel so different but I don't. Mum's down stairs getting it all ready- buffet is done (small laugh) a very posh word for a spread my Nan says. That was dad's job; mum wrote the list, he nipped to Asda got what was on the list and more, good old dad. ...read more.


I hope it goes really well There's the door bell lets party (snap to b/o) Chloe is back sitting on the bed in her bedroom time has pasted and she reflects on the afternoon events. (Spot light on Chloe) Wow it went really well, got all these cards and got to do a slow dance with Austin best looking boy in the school my Nan says (big smile) Jane is really nice couldn't believe it she likes all the groups that I like she even asked me if I wanted to lend her S club Juniors CD. Me thinks we are going to be best mates- I need a new one since Lizzies left a girl needs a best mate. ...read more.


We saved the cake to the end- you don't do party bags when your thirteen which upset my brother Craig he'll just have to get over it. It was mad at the end, mum Brought the cake in I could feel the heat from the candles on my face everybody singing I took a huge gulp of air in and blew out the candles all the adults shouting well done well done then Nan shouts out make a wish make a wish. The room fell silent, had to think long and hard for this one, did I want to go out with Austin, did I want to be rich and famous - then there could only really be one wish so I said it, said out aloud so God could here- please just for one day could I have the lights on. ............................. ...read more.

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