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the black cat edgar allen poe FAQ questions

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1. How did the narrator change over the years? Why do you think he became this way? Over the years the narrator gets more and crazier because of his drinking, loss of Pluto, guilt and conscience. At the beginning of the story the narrator talks about how he and his wife have lots of pets because he's fond of animals. He also says he isn't mad which might suggest that he is mad because why else mention it? He talks about a cat called Pluto whom he loved and who loved him but then he starts drinking, '... instrumentality of the fiend intemperance' he describes himself to be getting progressively 'moody', 'irritable' and 'regardless of the feelings of others'. He starts to come home drunk and beats his wife and animals and it isn't until he wants to hurt Pluto (which since he started drinking, had not miss-treated) ...read more.


This causes him to be horrified and makes him feel he was right about the cat all along. 2. What did the narrator do to the cat after returning home one night intoxicated one night? Why did he do this? The narrator gouged out one of Pluto's eyes because he was drunk, cross and because he feels the cat has been ignoring him. He felt like him and the cat weren't as close as they had been before he started drinking like a maverick. And when the cat tried to escape from the narrators grasp, the narrator took this as a confirmation of the cat's avoidance. 3. How did the narrator feel about what he did to the cat? He felt guilty and sorry because he used to love the cat and vice versa. He gets the new Pluto to comfort himself and to replace Pluto. ...read more.


This could mean that because he killed Pluto, it would be on his conscience all the time. The image left there makes him scared but he disregards it calling for a simple logic. 7. How was the new cat different from Pluto? Explain what the difference might represent... The new cat had the same gouged out eye as Pluto and was the same black, weight, height but he had a white chest. The new Pluto could have been the narrator's reminder of what he's did to Pluto. But the new cat did not love the narrator and didn't so much fear the narrator. The narrator feared the new cat though. 8. Why did the narrator begin to dislike the new cat? The narrator begins to hate the new cat because it got in the way while he tried to perform everyday tasks. He didn't kill it because he didn't want to relive the death of Pluto but the temptation was there. ...read more.

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