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The Blair witch project.

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The Blair witch project What am I doing here? I don't want to be here. It's the first night we have just set up camp and had food which was good. Now we all are setting down for the night. What was that? The sounds have started. They were horrible even if I press my hands over my ears I can still hear them. Stop! Stop! I just want them to stop! I rushed out of the tent and looked around but all I could see was a thousand tall trees. The branches looked like decaying bones, like out stretched arms trapping me, enclosing me. As I looked down I could see the leaves that lay around me like rotten, stale blankets of decayed skin. ...read more.


We had breakfast which should have been tasty but was difficult to stomach. As we were putting the tent away, Josh cried "look at this". I ran over to see josh staring at something on his hands and on the damp ground. I got down on my knees and touched the stuff which felt like slimy, silvery stuff. Every one was pretty scared so we all hurried back to camp and packed up and left in a hurry. We must of walked 21/2 miles before josh said "where are we could we have a map check." so we found somewhere warm and dry to stop and looked for the map. ...read more.


LOST!" Josh was shouting in my face. He was right we were lost. But I didn't want to admit it. "Just keep heading south" Suddenly we came to a break in the trees. The air became still every thing felt so eerie. As I looked up I could see some weird voodoo dolls. I then shouted to the others "come here look at this. Quick let's film this" All of a sudden I hear josh shout "lets go now" But all i wanted to do was to carry on filming. Another freezing, frosty, fogy night we had just started to rest for the night. All of a sudden I heard the strange noise again. It was getting closer. We all decide to run out of the small opening of the tent and run after 3. We dashed of the tent and ran for our lives. ...read more.

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