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The Body Snatchers

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The Body Snatcher "Robert Louis Stevenson 'the Body Snatcher is as scary as it was when it was first published." Robert Louis Stevenson the writer of The Body Snatcher was mostly if not through out his whole life he was ill. The medication he took seemed to help his imagination greatly this is why he was able to write such fantastic stories. He was and still is famous because of his horror and fantasy writing such as The Body Snatcher, Treasure Island and the very famous Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Robert was interested in the fight between science and religion. The body snatcher was based in the 1820s and published in 1884. When he wrote the story in the 1880s people believed in the sanctity of the body and would have been shocked greatly by the contents of the short story. It is a tale of grave robbers and anatomy students. At the time grave robbers were feared but nearly everybody. The story mostly revolves around two characters Fettes and Macfarlane. The story takes place in the 1880's at that time people were scared of body snatchers and still are today. The story might not be as scary as it was then but it is still got its edge. People still believe in the sanctity of and the content of the book does still tend to shock the reader. The book seems to tell the reader that crime and gangsters are the same thing because without crime you don't have gangsters and vice versa. ...read more.


The light started getting dim and it started raining. The got to the grave and so started they digging it didn't take long before they got to the casket. In side it was a body in a body bag and so they took it between them and placed into the gig and started to make their way back to the city. The light started becoming brighter and the rain became heavier it outlined the body's shaped. The two men looked at the body and realised that it didn't resembles a woman's body. They got of the gig and slowly opened the body bag inside was a dissected Gray Macfarlane let out a loud and ear piercing cry that scared the horse pulling the gig and so it sped down with is sole occupant into the city. The Characters Fettes Fettes is the main character he is the one that the story evolves around. At the start of the story he is an old drunk Scotsman. The story goes back to Fettes past so that the reader can understand and know how Fettes got to be a drunk. We get to see how he was exemplary medical student who was under the wing of a well known professor named Mr K. He is portrayed as a weak character and the fact that he falls apart when Macfarlane gives him the wolves and sheep speech proves this. ...read more.


Sanctity of the body meant that people believed that the body was pure and hope that it would stay that way even after they die. Religious fought against science because they believed that when someone dies the body should be buried and not used for scientific purposes. Body Snatchers is all about bodies get used for scientific purposes innocent people getting killed so that science can excel. People believed that in life people should keep their body pure and that even after they die their body should be keep pure which is why they got buried, religious people believed that humans were made from earth and it's only right if they return to earth when they die. They believed that it would be wrong to go back to earth in pieces or for anyone to be dissect just because they are dead and don't have an opinion. They believed that it's just morally wrong to use a person's body if they don't have a say in the matter. Language The language used is very descriptive "he had some vague radical opinions and some fleeting infidelities, which he would now and again set forth and emphasise with tottering slaps upon the table". "Every night in the year, four of us sat in the small parlour of the George at Debenham--the undertaker, and the landlord, and Fettes, and myself" this quote tells the reader the time how many people there are and the location it is a complex sentence and there are many more in the story. ...read more.

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