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The Bombmaker.

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The Bombmaker This was the part of the job that he hated, planting the bomb; any thing could go wrong. He checked his watch, 10:20, 'good' he thought the train wasn't due for 20 minutes. He was putting the blue hold-all with the bomb in inside the tunnel. It was set to go in ten minutes. When he put it down he ran back to the car, his orders were to plant the bomb and make sure it went off with out a hitch. The bomb was meant to disrupt only not to kill or maim. He looked to the tunnel and to his horror he saw three school children about to pickup the bag and set off the bomb. He jumped out of his car and ran to the tunnel as fast as he could shouting "DON'T TOUCH THAT BAG." It was too late. That was five years ago... Andrea has always blamed her self for the accident. After that she left the IRA. They begged her not to leave, special branch begged her not to leave, but she was adamant she didn't want to make bombs any more. ...read more.


"Its about time she went to bed, she's got school in the morning" "Yea what's on TV tonight" "Just a wild life documentary" "Ok" While they were talking they didn't hear people braking in the back door walking up the stairs to their daughters room. One of them stumbles "Quiet" the woman whispered "all we need to do is grab the kid and get out" So they crept carefully to the room picked the girl up and got out of the house without Andy or Jack hearing them. Andy woke up the next morning and went to get Sam up for school. When she got to her room she found a mobile with a post-it note on with her code name from the IRA and a phone number on. She left Jack in bed and went out back to call the number. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY DAUGHTER?" shouted Andrea "Calm down Andy your daughter will be fine as long as you do as we say." ...read more.


So she set to work putting together the bomb While this was happening 300 miles away at home... Jack was just waking up seeing the he jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see if Sam had gone to school when he saw the note. It said 'Jack call special branch and ask for Frank Carter and say they've got 'Brian.' Who was 'Brian' what did she have to do with special branch. While all this was running through his head one big question was where is Andy and where is Sam. He instantly grabbed the phone and called the police to get through to special branch. "Frank Carter does not work for special branch any more," said the operator. "Well then could you call him and say they've got Brian" (A clicking sound) "What do you know about 'Brian?'" said another voice "Nothing my wife left me a note to say that to Frank Carter." "Stay there we will come and get you" "Ok" Meanwhile Andrea was nearing completion of the bomb "How is it going" asked Lisa Nicholas Jupp ...read more.

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