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The Boundaries of Love In the movie Sense and Sensibility

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The Boundaries of Love In the movie Sense and Sensibility, based on the novel by Jane Austen, love knows only the boundaries that are set by each member of each relationship and is only overcome when the love of each couple survives the alterations that life throws at them. At the end of the story mutual love for one another triumphs over even the toughest boundaries faced. These boundaries brought upon by the characters themselves, causes a temporary, even permanent rift in the relationships. When the expectations from within overpower the desire to please one another in the couples, a gut-wrenching reality is realized which in some cases is too much to take. Willoughby can't handle the realization of living in such a high debt from gambling and decides to give up his love with Marianne for a financial security with a new wife. Edward and Eleanor deal with many problems to end up in the true happiness they face in the conclusion of the movie. ...read more.


Love, between Edward and Eleanor, proves everlasting in the end of the movie even after all of the hardships, prior engagements, and land separating them. Many boundaries are overcome as the story progresses and some cause an end in love, but as it turns out the surviving couples made love work for them. The boundaries of love in the movie-greed for money, past engagements, social class- are crafted by the desires and wants of each character to benefit their own satisfaction, not taking into account the other partner or even the lasting love at stake. The couples in the movie must reach down into the deepest point of their existence to realize the boundaries that love has upon them and more importantly how realistic their love is of overcoming them. This is a stunning realization for Marianne, newly broken hearted, lying in bed for weeks with no signs of her sickness fading, still clenching on to her lost love to Willoughby. ...read more.


Also, a definite boundary is placed on the love of both Dashwood sisters from the beginning of the movie. Both women cannot marry into wealth without a proper dowry to bring to the relationship. Be it for satisfaction, or be it for honor, the lovers in the movie create boundaries for their love to cross. The only way to get by these conflicts is the thought of tomorrow, a new day for love. The couples have to overcome boundaries and reach a mutual agreement to make their love last. Love permeates throughout the movie as a total conflict, a borderline between the satisfaction of the individual and the satisfaction of the one that they love. It seeps down into the very existence of the Dashwood sisters. Each character sets up a boundary to cross, but if they truly want their love to work the boundaries must be overcome. Only when the boundaries of love are realized and together crossed is when love in Sense and Sensibility proves everlasting. Trevor Dixon Dixon 1 Mr. Jessee English 9 9 January 2004 ...read more.

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