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The boundaries that separate one nation from another are no more real than the equator. They are merely convenient demarcations of ethnic, linguistic and cultural entities. They do not define business requirements or consumer trends.'(IBM).

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Lydia M�ndez 0483522 Global Media, Global Culture 'The boundaries that separate one nation from another are no more real than the equator. They are merely convenient demarcations of ethnic, linguistic and cultural entities. They do not define business requirements or consumer trends.'(IBM). Boundaries delimit countries. Or, at least, this is their function. Boundaries separate traditions, languages, governments, currencies, people, economies and cultures. But, is this true? Nationalisms are rising in a world that tends to the globalization. Is it so that we are all equal for the multinational companies? There are a lot of definitions of globalization. Most of the definitions (to not say all of them) are related with the capitalism system. According with Mar� S�ez globalization has three steps in the history until arrives to the actual situation: "We can understand globalisation in two senses. In a wider sense, it means the expansive tendency that took place in the capitalist system. This concept talks about the power that drove capitalism to go across the boundaries to look for raw material and new markets. ...read more.


Ellwood, W. (2001): pp.53. Governments make pacts about laws and economy. The European countries are being united in the European Union (EU). Although the citizen of each country have different tradition, they culture is very similar and is almost like the American one. These countries share currencies, economics' politics and, in soon time, laws. "The challenge of producing and marketing in many countries, with many currencies, has fed the creation of modern international money market and currency trading." Davis, J (1999): pp.38 Countries member of the European Union share a European Parliament, Justice Court of the European Communities, European Central Banc, Committee of the Regions and so on. The products of each country can transfer boundaries without taxes. These products are sold without differences in each country. It doesn't matter if are German or Italian. The products are sold like if they were from the same town. They share a new globalizated culture. Somehow this globalizated culture has adopted elements characteristics from each country. In this way the globalizated culture can survive. "Business are in the business of government and governments are in the business of business." ...read more.


They mixed the globalizated culture (American culture) and the traditional culture. French person will keep it traditions and way of life but will wear the same cloth, will drink the same drink, will eat the same food and will see the same films than a Cyprus or Turkey person. In conclusion, globalization is a process that shows two faces: the first one shows the differences between countries and the diversity around the world, creating a nationalism and pride to belong to a country. And on the other hand shows how the countries depends on the others and there are similitude between countries, cultures and markets. In this way, I agree with the topic of the assignment: boundaries only delimit ethnics, languages and cultural entities. Marketing, mass media, governments and multinationals have made disappear the boundaries and the great differences between the cultures creating an only and great world-wide market. Reference list: - Mar� S�ez, V. M. (1999) Globalizaci�n, nuevas tecnolog�as y comunicaci�n. Madrid: Ediciones de la Torre, pp. 12 - Davis, J (1999) "Race & Class: The threat of Globalism" (Vol.40, no.2/3, 1998-1999), London: Institute of Race Relation, pp.38 - Sivanandan, A. (1999) )"Racism, culture, markets", London: Institute of Race Relation, pp.9 - Ellwood, W. (2001). The no-nonsense guide to globalization. London;Oxford, pp. ...read more.

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