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The Box

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The Box Write a story with the title "The Box" Destroyed houses and buildings, scattered streets were around her. As Annie looked up she noticed the dark and dim sky. The sky still looked the same as 2 weeks ago, but tonight there wouldn't be a bomb alarm. Germany finally capitulated! Annie didn't know if she was actually happy about it. Of course she appreciated that it was all over. The anxiety and fear were gone, but too much has happened to Annie. The pain and disappointments changed her life forever. Would there still be a happy ending for her..? The girl walked through her destructed home district of Berlin. On her left was one of the many "Mietkasernen", a large building with many small flats with poor hygiene which were rented for very high prices as everyone moved to Berlin during the time of industrialization and of course the shared lavatories were smelling horribly especially in the winters when the water was frozen. ...read more.


Animal-like she had gorged it. Now she was on the hunt again. Looking through the bricks and steel bars of the buildings, she was hoping to find something to eat. It was when she walked into "Adenauer Strasse", the street she once lived in when she had to think of her parents again. At first she didn't even recognize the street where all kinds of workers had once lived and children played on the road with self-made footballs or other toys they had made out of sticks, but when she was standing in front of number 33, the building lived in before, she couldn't move solidified. Standing there, it all came back: the booming, the bunker and the hope for survival. Only fear was in the air when a bomb landed right on top of them and the bunker collapsed. Annie had stood under the doorframe while everyone else was swarming in the room. Everyone but her died. ...read more.


The smell of salami and bread came to her nose and before she could actually pick up the viands, she heard a Russian speaking voice behind her. Before Annie could turn around, she was hit with the barrel of a rifle. Lying on the sandy ground, Annie saw the soldier pulling down his pants. She knew what would happen... It was all very fast and the girl started to shiver in fear and cried out. As the soldier was about to start his barbarous interference with Annie, the girl fell unconscious. When she awoke, she didn't know how long she had been lying in the middle of the road and neither did she know what the man had exactly done to her body. She was just lying there. Mentally the girl was already at her bounds and was totally burned out. As she lay there feeling her stomach growling, she gave up all her hope and knew she was going to die... 775 Words ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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