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The Boy Who Cried to a Wolf

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The Boy Who Cried to a Wolf Some boys are mischievous by nature, others get drawn into the wrong crowd, but there are also good and honest boys, but for all their good intentions are labelled a troublemaker. One such boy was William Hallwater, a courteous and well-mannered boy who was always polite and conscientious. Despite all his efforts he was still labelled a nuisance and a troublemaker. This may have been because his attitude conflicted with that of his rather dysfunctional family. William enjoyed reading and would often run out of the town over the large hill to a large oak tree in the corner of a field where sheep would pasture. He would sit all day and read in the hazy sunshine. Then, when the sky began to redden, as the sun would set, he would return home to face the torture that was his family. "William" cried Mrs Hallwater "Farmer Sykes said that his orchard was raided today, and I wouldn't be the least surprised to hear it was you, you little miscreant." "But..." William's reply was cut short by the razor sharp shrill tone of his mother. ...read more.


"Oh, don't worry son, when I was your age I got up to all kinds of mischief." "But I didn't do anything" exclaimed William, "Of course you didn't son." With that Mr Hallwater descended into anecdotes of times when he was younger. William slowly backed out of the cobblers. William decided that no one believed that he had nothing to do with the 'orchard incident' and retreated to his sanctuary, the tree in the field. As he wandered slowly, caught up in his reverie he was brought back to the reality of his surrounding by a dark figure leaning against his cherished spot. Upon closer inspection the figure was coated from head to toe with matted dark grey fur. Upon even closer inspection William deduced that the figure was in fact a wolf. William did not fear the wolf, he saw it as an opportunity to talk to someone about his oppressed life. The wolf looked William blankly in the face, William, unfazed looked straight back. The wolf was confused, usually his reputation was enough to send people sprinting back to the town. He saw this as an opportunity to talk to someone about his crafty and revered lifestyle. ...read more.


Instead of protesting though, William seemed rather pleased at his parents' actions. They arrived at Mr Sykes orchard Mrs Hallwater clasping William's left wrist and Mr Hallwater his right. "Now, you are going to apologise to Mr Sykes today, aren't you?" William's father seemed distracted and wanted to get this over with and get back to his shoes. William said nothing but a crazed grin remained on his face as they entered Mr Sykes house. They entered and Mrs Hallwater was quick to cry out, "Mr Sykes, we're here, my son has come to apologise." The chair in the corner spun round and the wolf said slyly. "Oh, excellent I do hate it when those pesky children steal from my orchard." Mr and Mrs Hallwater's jaws dropped as they saw the wolf picking his teeth with a small human bone. William's grin turned into uncontrollable laughter, each chuckle stabbed at his parent's hearts. "So I hear you don't give your son enough attention. Well don't worry you wont be his parents much longer." The wolf ripped through the Hallwater parents ravenously. William's eyes widened in delight, he could now freely express himself without the burden of his parents. The wolf finished up his full English breakfast and said to William. "Shall we depart?" ...read more.

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