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The Break In

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Original Writing: The Break In "So we all know what were doing, yeah?" My heart was beating as loud as a sub-bass, and my hands shaking as if I had Parkinson's disease. "Yeah" replied Ant, swiftly, who had gotten us into this mess in the first place. "And don't forget to put your phone on silent with the vibration on" Steve added. "I'll ring Nick and tell him were in" Andy whispered. "Okay . . . Let's go" I ordered, whispering aloud. And off we went. There were five of us, Ant, Andy, Nick, Steve and me, Pete. Ant was the maddest one from us all. He would do anything - and I mean anything, just like how he got into this mess. He was short with the front of his hair pushed up as if he was in the film Grease. All he could think about was girls. Andy on the other hand was completely different from him, as he was the smartest one from us all. He had a tonk figure with a small head. His black hair was spiked up and had glasses on. Nick, the tallest one, and was compared to Harry Potter, as he had his hair brushed to the side all scruffy and also had glasses on. There was also Steve, who is the funniest one from us all. ...read more.


Steve was in the main office where he could see us on the television screen, which was linked to all the camera of the school as it was being recorded. "Has he paused the recording?" I asked. "Yeah, he stopped it and he took out the tapes" Andy answered, who was on the phone with Steve. "Okay, here we go this key works. They are all numbered and that's why there are numbers on the top of the door" said Ant, who seemed pleased with himself as he finally figured out which key opens which doors. You could just see the fear in all our eyes and could feel the tension in the atmosphere as Ant tried to open the second door, similar to the one we passed. As he pushed the door open, the made a creaky noise we echoed all the back down from where we came from. We were now on our way to Mrs. Dunkley's office. As we made our way to the office of Mrs. Dunkley, we passed altogether four doors which all had a transparent window. We passed also the first spiral of steps. Our breathing rate began to increase as we got nearer and nearer. Not one of us spoke to one another along the way. We were all focused only on one thing. My foot started to become as cold as ice because we were only wearing our socks. ...read more.


"Hurry up!" Andy emphasised. It felt like we were prisoners in our own school trying to escape. All three of pushed open the doors and ran up the first spiral of steps to where we ending up at the doors we first came in through. The doors were still open and Ant pushed it wide open and ran with Andy and I following behind. We got to the end of the hall and went into the office. "Check where he is" I shouted. We could see the caretaker coming towards us as he passed the library. "Look, there's someone with him!" Steve dramatically replied. "Yeah that Yinka" said Andy. "Yinka?" Steve said, surprisingly. "I'll explain later on. Let go" I commanded. All four of us then ran out of the room and stood at the entrance while I took the keys off Ant began to open the door. It was a very stiff fit but the lock turned and it opened the door with a squeak after a few seconds. I turned around as I heard noise which was echoing. I could see a silhouette of a man running towards us shouting, "Hey you, come back here!" Then we were out. The time was now five past ten and I gave the keys back to Ant who threw the keys back inside. We all put our shoes on and ran home in the purring heavy rain, laughing our heads off. The End Pukar Bhattarai December 2002 1 ...read more.

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