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The Broken Promise.

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THE BROKEN PROMISE The fog covered the Normandy coast like a grey, damp blanket. Every breath I took felt bitter and polluted along with the strong smell of fired ammo and rotten flesh. The bloodstained waves lashed the sides of the landing craft. Attempting to capsize the vessel and fail the mission before I had even stepped foot onto the ghostly shores of Omaha Beach. I was U.S 1st Infantry Division Captain Bourne, and I was given orders by Lieutenant General Omar Bradley, along with the 166th and 29th regiments of the 2nd division, to attempt to break through the defences set up by the Germans at the Normandy shorelines. I felt sick with the thought that the last minutes of my life would be spent on this god forsaken foreign soil, away from my quiet house perched on the slopping Oklahoma landscape overlooking the family wheat valleys. I looked at the men beside me. They looked out to the shores to see men, just like themselves, being needlessly slaughtered; all of the men with the same pale, motionless expressions on their faces, as if they were already dead. The screaming of machine gun fire deafened my ears and occasionally I heard the ghostly roars of exploding claymore mines. The landing craft began to slow and I realised it was time! The crafts opening hatch flew open slamming itself into the seawater. Beside me I heard the cry, "Attack, attack, breech the defences!" ...read more.


The arm in which I had taken a bullet was gone! Fully removed! This couldn't be reality. I was still in my soldier's uniform; there was sand and bloodstains imbedded into the fibres. I could even feel the suns beams trying to seep through the tents canvas roofing. I began contemplating what had just happened to me. Where had I just been? There was no logical, reasonable explanation. The only explanation I could render was that I had just died, but came back to life! Maybe I came back because I still had a purpose, yes . . . that made sense . . . that's what the voices were saying, that I still had a meaning in life, but what? My thoughts were interrupted by the presence of a tall, skinny, black haired doctor clenching onto a clipboard. He walked towards me and stood by the side of my bed and began speaking, "Well good morning Captain Bourne. You sure are one of the luckiest soldiers on this earth; most men that lose over five pints of blood are pretty much dead, but you sir, you somehow survived, with the sad loss of your arm of course, but the thing had to come off, otherwise your whole body would have been infected!" The doctor began telling me how after I died, or delved into a coma as he put it, the remaining infantry soldiers managed to destroy the German defences. ...read more.


I lay in that bed for what seemed like an eternity, waiting to see if the doctor would walk in telling me they recovered a survivor, or nothing but more decaying corpses. I got my wish, what felt like, hours later. The doctor ran in with a bewildered smile on his face along with two another men who were wearing dirty overalls and holding large oil lamps. The doctor told me that they found a survivor; that the man they recovered was a German private who knew classified information on Hitler's whereabouts. He went on to say that he was suffering form a broken rib and dehydration, but nevertheless he would live for interrogation. The two men then left the tent, and left the doctor and me alone; the doctor left a while after to tend another patients wounds in a tent close by. I took my chance and got to my feet. I slowly walked to the opening of the tent. I swept the tents canvas door to one side and continued to walk outside. I found myself looking upon the battle zone. Bodies were still lying on the sand untouched. Guns and helmets scattered all over the shoreline. The sun had begun to settle now and it left a golden tint over the land. I closed my eyes and thought hard of being home, seeing my wife and children waving from the porch. I could even smell the fresh cut wheat and feel the autumn sun warmly, massaging my cold cheeks. I felt safe now. I was finally home. By Terry Cave 10.8 10Y1 I Terry Cave G.C.S.E Coursework 10Y1 ...read more.

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