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The Brother Who Ruined My Family

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THE BROTHER WHO RUINED MY FAMILY The murky depths of cloud filled streets, the huge chimneys towering over the small insignificant people below. How I remember feeling so small, so minute, with all the buildings, the factories and the big people covering as far as my small eyes could see. How I longed to be big and tall, so I could see through the eyes of one of them, the people who rule my world. The way I remember it is completely different to how I see it now. The roads are still busy but as before people wandered the streets, now cars rule the world. As I longed previously to be big and tall now all want is to say, "I'm sorry". As far back as I can remember I have lived in this same house, it's small garden, the two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. It wasn't much but it was mine, all mine. One day when I was three I was playing happily in the lounge with my toys when mum and dad came in and told me something that was going to change me forever. I was only three I thought, I wasn't ready to give up all the attention, all the love; I didn't want to act more grown up, I did not want to share my toys, my room and especially not my parents with someone else. ...read more.


Michael's first birthday was on 29th April; he was oblivious to how much effort mum and dad had put into his first birthday that I was almost regretting what I had done. For the past year I tried every way I could think of to change his sweet innocent smile, his loveable face and his ability to keep mum and dad to himself. Whatever I tried it was never enough, I always failed and ended up getting into lots of trouble. For his birthday we got him a small tricycle that he could ride around on in the garden. As usual I got very jealous of his present and wanted to know why I didn't get one when I was his age. As normal mum set me straight, but I was still not happy with her answer. As the day went on I devised a plan that would get my revenge on him on him. The day came when my plan was to happen. I had already loosened the wheel so it would fall off when he was riding it. Mum and dad were watching television in the lounge while I watched Michael ride his bike. As usual I lost interest in watching him and went off to play in the front garden, leaving him cycling round on a bomb waiting to explode! ...read more.


Before we went, we stopped off at the park and sat down for a rest. Michael and I went to play on the swings and the monkey bars while mum went to get us a drink. Whilst playing happily, I left Michael to go and help mum with the drinks, but when we turned around Michael had disappeared... Ever since that tragic day I have wished that I had not been so horrible to him. Every day I hope that the police will find him or someone might call us and say that he's okay. For the rest of my life I will always look for him no matter what. Mum and dad were devastated; they took the disappearance even worse than I did and have practically given up all hope of seeing him again. I try to encourage them as much as I can, but I can't give them back their youngest son. I never told them about what I was going to do that day as it would break their hearts to know that I hated Michael so much. Now, I have to live with that thought, at the back of my mind day in, day out for the rest of my life. Word Count: 1654 Adam Weeks 10x(A3) English Coursework Autobiographical piece Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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