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The Buddha of Suburbia - How woman overcome problems.

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Kenny Kwan Eng 101 MW 9-10:25 Essay #5 5-19-03 How woman overcome problems Nowadays, most people think they do not have the ability to cope with the problems, such as, friendship, relationship of love, job, and pressure. However, there is no dead end in every problem; therefore, we need to have confidence to find out the right way to solve it. There are two characters Eva and Mairs. Eva is a character in the interesting novel called The Buddha of Suburbia and Maris is an author who wrote the story called "On Being Cripple". Eva and Mairs both are facing the social problems in their life and they have to face much pressure from their friends and others. However, they both don't give up and they try to overcome their disability. Eva is a typical middle class businesswoman. She is a beautiful, fashionable, and a rich person. She had got married but then got divorced. She is living in the big house with her only son. She is a strong woman because she has to face and solve problems by herself, for example, she has to work all the time, even she feels tired because she has to support her sons' education and living expense. ...read more.


Eva doesn't mind that she merely see her lover at lunchtime because she believes he can stay with her one day. On the other hand, she will pay more attention and make it more perfectly for herself, when she achieves her goal. The novel, Buddha of Suburbia, Karim said "she just wanted to let me know I was secure with her, that the break-up of my parents' marriage wasn't the worst thing that ever happened, and that she had enough love to cover us all. She was strong and confident now" (93). Even though she got together with author's Dad, she doesn't want anybody get hurt; especially Karim. So she tries to please and promise that she can do even better than anyone else. Maris is an author who wrote "On Being a Cripple". She is an unfortunate person because she is a cripple caused by disease. Additionally, she feels disability to change the fact on her. However, she doesn't feel disappointed and sad about she is a cripple, on the contrary, she is willing to be a normal person, for example, she can work, study, shop, get married and whatever she wants to do. ...read more.


Regarding to the story 'On Being a Cripple', it said "A friend who also has MS startled me once by asking, "Do you ever say to yourself, 'Why me, Lord?'" No, Michael, I don't," I told him, "because whenever I try, the only response I can think of is 'Why not?'"(391). As a result, she believes everything is set already. She can't change it and the only way to make her happy is to accept it. Regarding to these two characters in their situation, we can see how they face their problems, even thought they feel disability to achieve it. They both try very hard to please every one to accept them. Besides, they will not give up until they used all the energy and skills which means they always do their best on everything. I learned one thing after I read these two stories. I believe if something will never be changed, such as, race, gender, and culture etc, then I have to accept it. Otherwise, if something that can be changed, I will put more effort and try my best to attempt to receive a better result. ...read more.

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