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The bully "Got your pocket money Amit? "Asked mum "Yea ok bye" I replied and put my bag on and left my house. I was

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The bully "Got your pocket money Amit? "Asked mum "Yea ok bye" I replied and put my bag on and left my house. I was on my way to school when someone shouted my name out it sounded like Pavan so I turned around to see who it was and what a mistake that was it was Chris the school bully with a smile the size of a mansion. He pushed me into a little corner and demanded "gimme your money now! " "I haven't got any really I swear" I alleged and emptied out my pockets "see" I said forcing a smile. "I don't believe you! You're lying jump now! "He said angrily so I jumped and he heard some money shaking and stuck his hand out so I handed him the money and he pushed me onto the floor and I landed face first onto the concrete floor. I managed somehow to make myself to school walking as slow as a turtle luckily I wasn't late so I swiped myself in, and took my P.E kit out of my locker and followed everyone to the first lesson maths! ...read more.


When I woke up and looked around slowly ............ everyone was staring at me saying errrrrrrrr after a while everyone left and only Mr Robinson was left, he told me what had happened I felt like pulverising him, we had playtime next playtime passed quickly. And next we had history I wasn't really paying attention I was thinking about Chris I am not scared of him anymore, after school he wants a fight he'll get more than a fight! He'll get a street brawl! Well there goes the buzzer time for Geography! With Mr S. Skinner and because there was nowhere else to sit I had to sit next to Chris of all the people in my class I had to sit next to him! "If you thought that was bad in P.E wait till after school "he whispered slowly, that's it I had had enough so I got up and pushed him onto the board everyone in the class was restraining me and Chris and also chanting fight! After the exhilarating lesson had finished it was time to have lunch. ...read more.


I just remembered that I had homework from yesterday so I went in my room got my bag opened it and it was full with rubbish, chewing-gums and my books weren't in my bag and what's more to top it all of there was a can of coke emptied in my bag. I knew who done it was Chris I knew this day would come. So I got a piece of paper and pen and wrote "dear mum or dad by the time you will be finished reading this letter it will be too late I will be gone forever and ever but I want you to know why I killed myself and it is for this simple reason because I have been bullied check my bag I left it the way it was the boy who bullied me his name is Chris and well bye mum and dad." I left the letter on my bed, got a knife and thought about today and was sure I had to stabbed myself to death to end this nightmare and so I did. By ihsan wahhab 8v ...read more.

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