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The Burst Bubble of Dreams

Extracts from this document...


THE BURST BUBBLE OF DREAMS Don't take one more step. Stop right where you are! No Chris! Stop! Chris don't! Chris...AAAAAAHHHHHH!" *SPLASH* I was over at my best friend Emily's house and her older brother, Chris, had just shoved me into the swimming pool. Honestly, lads are such an immature pain in the ass at times! "You idiot" I sputtered as I surfaced. "I can't believe you did that to me!" "Aw, did the poor baby get her hair all wet? Here, let me help you," he said, offering me his hand. A plan suddenly began formulating in my mind. "Thank you." I told him in my most sweet and innocent voice. I reached up and took his hand, and pulled him into the pool, clothes and all. I tried to pull myself up out of the pool, but I wasn't quick enough. Chris grabbed my legs and dragged me back in. He dunked me under the water, I tried to get free, but he had too tight of a grip on me. "Chris, would you stop flirting with my friends?" Emily said as she walked out onto the patio. "Why?" "Because she's ten years younger than you." "Yeah, so? She's 18, she's legal!" "Please tell me your friends are coming over today to save us from you!" "Yeah, they should be here soon. I better go get dried off and changed," he told her. He let go of me, climbed out of the pool, and went into the house. After Chris went into the house I pulled myself up on to the side of the pool, with my feet still dangling in the water. Emily came over and sat down beside me, also putting her feet in the pool. "Sorry about that, he still hasn't quite grown up yet." "That's ok, I don't mind, he's lovely." Emily just looked at me as if I had completely flipped. ...read more.


"Stay with me until I fall asleep." "Why?" "I just don't want to be alone right now." "Oh, ok." He put his arms around me and lay down on the bed so that I was using his shoulder to lay on. He stared singing softly in my ear and before I knew it,I had fallen asleep. WHAT is going on in here?" I sat strait up,woken up of my sleep by a loud voice. The sudden motion caused a sharp pain to go through my head. "OW." "Good going Em. Scare the hell out of her and make her hurt herself again." Chris scolded his sister. "I don't care. I want to know what is going on between the two of you, and I want to know NOW!" "Emily, there's nothing going on between me and your brother!" I told her. "How many times do I have to tell you that?" "Then WHY are you sleeping together?" "We aren't Em. I was upset, and he sat here with me until I fell asleep." "Yeah, right, sure." "Come on Emily, I'm telling the truth." "What about the other night at the club when you were all over each other, and then slept on the sofa together all night?" "You wanna talk about being all over someone, what about you and Jason. I saw you Emmy, you were all over him There's a difference between dancing with someone two years older than you, and sharing a bed with someone TEN years older than you!" "Emily, calm down." Chris told her. "She needed someone to help her fall asleep, just like she told you." "You both are so BLIND! You're falling for each other. Why can't you see that? Everyone else has noticed it, but you are both to stubborn to admit it." "Em, I don't feel good enough to argue with you about this, so let's just drop it, please?" ...read more.


"now you just rest"Chris said to me how could i rest when my head was pounding like a drum the pain was unbareable. Chris shouted down to jason "Jason yo Jason forget the docter" "you sure Chris??" "yes forget the docter she'll be fine" Although i wasnt felling fine i couldnt find the strengh to ask for the doctor Chris ask Jason to leave so i could get some peace and quiet at this moment i was feeling scared id heard Chris saying he need'd to get rid of the baby what did he meen by that?the thought was running through my mind over and over. Chris seen Jason out of the house and came back in with a tub of tablets i managed to stutter out some words "Ch..Chris wha..what are they?" "The anwser to all my problems"He said in a weird way he gave me 4 pills "Im sorry "Chris said to me "Sorry for what?" "what im about to do im sorry"Considering ive just had a fall down the stairs i was feeling very un sure of Chris he was acting very very strange what was all the "im sorry" crap for? "im never going to see you again you tried to ruin my life,my job,my whole entire world and now its your time to pay" Chris started forcing pills into my mouth i tried to spit them out but i didnt have the energy little did i know that Chris was trying to kill me yet although ild hadnt swallowed any pills i could feel myself being pulled away being pulled into anther world at first my vision went everything around me went blurry then my hearing i was sliping in and out of these 2 "worlds" then everything went silent was i alive or was i dead?if i was who or what killed me?was it chris?or something else but imagian the scene. Me liying on my bed,Chris there forcing pills into my mouth little did i know my world had come to an end Sam Law M7 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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