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The butterfly and the banana skin

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The butterfly and the banana skin The banana skin lay slap bang in the middle of the road. Tommy a prison warden, riding his bike on his way back from the shops. Where he had bought 3 tins of organic peas and a frozen turkey, the inmates were having it for a little treat, he didn't spot it in time. The banana skin was too slippy he hit the ground softly along with the peas unfortunately the turkey hit a rock, and took off down the road at great speed. Round one corner and round the next, it eventually ground to a halt after causing �6,500 pounds worth of damage to vehicles back along its crash course route. ...read more.


She hopped in her second car, a faded mint green Chevy coupe, reversed out of the drive and off she went. Tommy by this time had reached the bottom of the road and was now retrieving his turkey from some ones front garden. Jennifer was now travelling at a speed unacceptable for the type of road she was driving on. Poor Karen a twenty something year old cocktail waitress from Moca-Choca-Rinos around the corner didn't see the car that hit her. A witness bob Jones who saw the incident from his house across the street said, "The car was American, and light green in colour but I didn't get a close look". ...read more.


Steve was there on the phone to the insurance company he was claiming �20,000 the case was up in court in 4 hours time. It flew by and before he knew it he was sitting in the courtroom in front of judge Malone. He had explained his case and the judge was about to give him the money when the doors to the courtroom opened. A firemen walked in with a can of petrol in his hand and big smile on their face. The new evidence proves that Mr Steven Donaldson was guilty of fraud and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. He sat in his cell the little hatch in the door opened the food was pushed through. He was suddenly cheered up by the taste in his mouth yum yum turkey. ...read more.

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