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The Buzz, drama discussion.

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Here's much to do with hate but more with love is Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet" more about hate or love? Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is a famous play written in1595 in the 16th century. This play is both a mixture of love and hate, "two households," had an "ancient grudge," and this leads to both families fighting on the streets. Both families had one child. These children fell in love with one another. Romeo and Juliet starts with hatred and then love. It ends with both love and hatred. The prologue of Romeo and Juliet tells you the story in brief. "A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life." This tells us that this play also includes love and loss. This play is obviously about love when Romeo first meets Juliet he totally forgets about Rosaline whom he thought he loved. "Did my heart love till now? For swear it sight! For ine'er saw true beauty till this night." This shows that he felt something for Juliet, for the first time and does not really care for Rosaline anymore. Juliet is far more beautiful. When Romeo first sees Juliet his poetic language changes immediately, he also uses images of dark and light he says that she, "outshines the burning torches on the wall," he compares her to a "rich jewel against an African (ethiops). ...read more.


This shows that even if Romeo's from the enemy's side. She will still love him and he'll be her only love it's his name not him who's the enemy. The friar loves god and prays to him lots. This is show throughout the play, he also believes in both Romeo and Juliet's love and he was the person who married Romeo and Juliet. Paris a rich gentlemen who was supposed to be marrying Juliet has no idea of this relationship between the lovers. Juliet's is now marrying again, this time with Paris not Romeo. Juliet tried telling of her love for Romeo but nobody would listen. Benvolio loves all his friends and everyone surrounding him Benvolio treats everyone lovingly. This is how he keeps the peace. We know this from the quote, "The quarrel is between our masters." Hate is also a powerful theme in the play because it even has tragic deaths caused by this grudge. It has created lots of problems; lives were taken of innocent people. Shakespeare has written a very emotional story which is still famous, today. Juliet's maid didn't think much of this enemity, but people like Tybalt thought of this family feud as a major issue also the capulets thought of this as a major thing also. ...read more.


Paris hates Romeo. This is because he killed Tybalt. Later Juliet hates Capulet because he is forcing get to marry Paris. The nurse also show hate in the second half of the play. She hates Capulet because he won't let Juliet marry Romeo. In spite of all the increasing hatred, the final image in the play is of peace between the families. This is because of the death of the two lovers. Romeo thought that Juliet had died so he went to see her. He had taken a bottle full of poison with him. He saw Juliet lying there. Thinking she was dead Romeo took the poison, but Juliet was not dead she had taken a potion so that nobody could hear her breathing. This potion also made her fall into a deep sleep. She woke up and saw Romeo dead so she stabs herself with Romeos knife. This brought peace to both families. I personally think this play is a mixture of both love and hatred. When the play is about mostly love there is hatred present. When the play is mostly about hatred there is still love present. Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" is a mixture f both love and hate. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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