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The captivating and picturesque village of Cam, dwelling deep with in the beautiful Cotswold's scenery.

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English Coursework. The captivating and picturesque village of Cam, dwelling deep with in the beautiful Cotswold's scenery, has fortunately been my home for a very pleasant four years. Of course during these four years I have established roots, creating a sense of familiarity, allowing myself to feel secure and part of a well respected community. Among these years I have noticed something, only noticeable to those with in the county side, the sheer delight in being able to witness the distinguishable effects of winter and summer, upon the differentiating scenery. It is a magical time of silence. Mosses covering derelict chimneys, become frosty and white, weeds disappear and moonlight beams down casting shadows darker than the deepest depths of a desolate canyon. The landscape is bleak and barren. Crystals of ice formed on every blade of grass. The only sound that can be heard is the gentle warbling of the robin as he hops along the snow casting tiny footprints. Whilst a barn owl perched on a gatepost, as white as the full moon, glares over the platinum land, waiting and wishing for the first signs of spring, when the spring grass pushes it's way through the snow-ridden fields and glades. ...read more.


Household gardens all similar but none identical, all rich in their own unique way, flowers coordinated in colour and size. Calm, cool breezes whistling through shrubs, voyaging across open grass fields festered with the odd parched patch where desiccated mud is exposed. Yet still nature's landmark remains awe-inspiring, only now to be teeming with alluring blue bells. Definitely the seasons are truly spectacular, therefore what better way to experience them, than being out side with them. Since I have lived in Cam I have achieved the ability to ride a bike, and further more, mountain biking has become a much-desired hobby. The pleasures of mountain biking are endless, however no ride will ever be more brilliant than my first serious up-hill bike ride, the emotions of completing it successfully were overwhelming. My destination was directly at the top of toads-more hill. Agreeably the weather was not at it's best, cold and damp conditions with moist, misty air. However from the instance I gained balance I was ready. ...read more.


To continue, I began pacing regaining energy, when suddenly over a ridge I briefly sighted water. I wandered down to a large, smooth, flat rock ridged over the water, a perfect diving board. Cautious I stripped down to my underwear, took a deep breath and dived into the luxuriously cool water. I rose to the surface, spluttering. After regaining myself, a rush of sudden happiness took over my body. Balancing upon the surface, relaxed, rejuvenated. I was ecstatic to be completely stress-free with nothing and no one to bother me. I could stay there as long as I liked, no one would miss me and no one would come looking for me. Fresh and calm again, I flew, gliding down the hill (the advantage of up hill biking!) burning inside in the anticipation of telling my family of my unbelievable adventure. Therefore my positive over view of Cam is ever growing, I can only wish that Cam's surrounding towns and villages were as delightful as Cam. For I portray Cam as an elegant butterfly fluttering amongst dark, dismal battered surroundings. ...read more.

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