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The Capulet Family

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Lord Capulet believes that Juliet is still mourning for her cousin Tybalt. He show his mourning by talking about how even the weather mourns for him also, 'When the sun sets, the earth doth drizzle dew, But for the sunset of my brother's son. It rains downright.' He uses metaphors and imagery to show his emotions, basically saying that even the rain pours with sorrow for Tybalt as does Juliet sheds tears for Romeo though is masked for Tybalt to everyone's eyes excluding the nurse and Romeo's close friend Balthazar. Lady Capulet makes the situation worse by saying very bluntly and viciously that Juliet will not marry Paris, but she does give you thanks. I feel Lord Capulet feels betrayed by his little girl refusing to marry Paris. He probably feels ashamed of his own daughter and family. Juliet brings disgrace into a good, proper family and does not want the community to know about his disobedient child. Even with best interests at heart, I think Lord Capulet bullies Juliet to make her feel ashamed about herself, I think this confuses Juliet even more to make her believe that they do not love nor care for her. ...read more.


Juliet and Lord Capulet only show her affection because they are family and are expected to do so, but Tybalt is only I think that she will ever love, she talks about him with such pride, she talks with much hatred about Romeo after he killed Tybalt. Before Act three, Lady Capulet is portrayed as strong-headed person, not as weak person she plays a small, but important role in this scene and has very little to say through out. I think she agrees with the marriage because she is finally free of having a child in her life, this is why she tells Juliet 'Talk not to me, for I'll shall not speak a word. Do as thou wilt, for I have with thee', meaning ' Don't talk to me, I will not speak one word to help you, do as you please because I do not care for I'm done with you'. This shows how cruel and heartless Lady Capulet is, she unwilling to help her daughter. They have no mother- daughter relationship. At the beginning the play, Juliet is captured as the star and flower of Lord Caplet's eye. Juliet is light and joy of his life; she is the only lasting child. ...read more.


After Juliet commits suicide, I saw that Juliet does have a close and loving relationship with Lord Capulet, in the end he pushed her into suicide by bringing the wedding forward in thought that it would make her happy, this is tragic irony. Shakespeare uses a lot of irony in Romeo and Juliet, to show the seriousness of their tragic love. Romeo and Juliet are a pair of star crossed lovers, whose destined journey of fatal and death marked love to is bound to go wrong and their deaths are the only thing that can restore the peace between Montagues and Capulets. Both families paid the cost of fighting by losing their only children, as the old saying goes 'Love's path doesn't run smoothly'. I believe that everyone wants to share the love that Juliet and Romeo had for each other; this play mirrors the truth of reality and people's real inner truths about love. Shakespeare is only showing the truth about love. The tragedy is that both lovers kill themselves, which brings great sadness to both families. I truly believe in the love of ' Juliet and her Romeo', for this sad tale of love is the base for any relationship today. My favourite line that ends the play beautiful and poetic 'For never was a story of more woe. Than this of Juliet and her Romeo'. Kristina Robinson 10LP Tuesday 5th December 2006 ...read more.

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