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The car crash.

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The car crash It was the morning of Thursday 23rd November and I woke up at the crack of dawn. I was ten years old and feeling very excited as today was going to be a very good day or was it. Today my favourite uncle was going to be taking me out for the day and when my uncle takes me out he really takes me out because, with him you never know where your going but it always turns out to be great. My uncle has taken me almost everywhere a little kid could possibly want to go the circus, funfair and numerous theme parks such as Chessington. So to wonder where he was gonna take me next, left me full of anxiety and excitement. Everything I done that morning was done quick and in a hurry as I rushed myself to get dress and was downstairs within an instance. ...read more.


He stood firmly at the edge of my doorway as if he had enjoyed making me wait. 'Hello G' he said to me proudly with a big smile 'where have you been' I said furiously 'I got caught in traffic, anyway I'm here now' he said good bye to my mum and we were off. The moment I got into my uncle's car I couldn't wait to leave I was jumping around and shouting with excitement: 'when are we gonna get there, how long is it gonna take and where are we going'. My uncle was becoming annoyed as I constantly kept asking him question after question after question until he swung his head round with veracious force and said 'shut up!' I then sat silently frightened to even breathe a word. Just watching as we past building after building at top speed, it was as if I had made my uncle angry causing him to push he's foot down on the accelerator and make the car travel at a high speed I was feeling frightened. ...read more.


My uncle was at the front of the car with the man who crashed into him talking calmly it seemed as though things had calmed down a little but I could still see the anger in both men eyes. But finally it was over and they both returned back to their cars. When my uncle stepped back into the car he slammed the door with authority and great strength as the whole car shook strongly as if it were ready to tip over by the force of the slam. My uncle reacted very angrily to the crash as he could not believe what had happened. I reacted frightenedly as I could not believe what had happened and because of the fact that every one was angry. But I was mainly frightened as I felt the crash may have very well been my thought due to my annoyance. But this crash is one experience I will never forget. I never did find out where were going ...read more.

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