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The case of the missing marble On the dark winters night of 94, on the streets of New York, a storm set ablaze

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The case of the missing marble On the dark winters night of 94, on the streets of New York, a storm set ablaze rocking the large buildings that stare down daunting the visitors of the town, the wind was harsh and brutal. Detective Cooper and I entered a large house situated at the end of a long road; the house was dark and had a cold and lifeless feel. Detective Cooper is a strong detective. Tall and grey on top! He is always so serious, but I know he has a sensitive side, I have known him for so long and I know he can show affection, he is your classic detective, the one you see in the movies, with the long checked coat and the pipe in hand. Oh yes by the way I am jerry (the sidekick) detective Cooper knocked at the door. He grabbed the large brass clap. ...read more.


He had brown hair, brown eyes and a large nose that could poke out your eye. He held out his hand, staring, bright eyed, willing me to shake it. I smiled and shook his hand; he looked impressed. I walked towards the pillar that held the marble I saw last night; the glass case was empty. I looked towards the man and he paused, Terror ran through his eyes as he turned away to look at Detective Cooper. Cooper gave me 'the look'. The look that always tells me 'I know.' This look always told me Cooper's feelings. I knew how bad this looked. The marble had gone missing and we were the only ones to be suspected. The large man with the pointed nose took Detective Cooper and me to the basement of the museum, where they had planned to hold us captive. Detective told them of his job, and his only intention of coming to find shelter, the man agreed to let us go if we helped to solve the mystery, We left the basement and entered the museum. ...read more.


My heart was in my mouth as we entered the museum, I could see a man cleaning evidence from the crime scene; it was Mr Jarryman, why would he be cleaning the crime scene and get rid of important evidence, detective Cooper thought he may be wanting to get rid of evidence leading to him. The last clue we encountered was a bird that had a large claw on its foot specially made for picking things up, the claw was engraved with the words 'property of Leaf Masterman' this is the gardener. All the clues pointed in his direction and we had to point the finger in his direction. The police arrived to arrest him, he confessed and was let off with a warning but was found guilt of assault by forcing Mr Jarryman into cleaning the evidence, so he was not found out this consequently resulted in him receiving 98 hours community service. By Rebecca Fish ...read more.

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