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The Catastropihic Death

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The Catastrophic Death As I sat in the funeral hall, I could remember everything vividly; the screeching breaks of the cars, the footsteps on the marble floor. As everybody entered, their faces were etched with expressions of shock and sorrow waiting for the coffin to approach. I felt stunned and numb. I stood absolutely motionless, not knowing what to do or what to say. A sense of horror gradually overwhelmed me. I remembered the flashes of bright lights and the deafening wail of siren, as the ambulance rushed to the scene. Tears were pouring down my cheeks, as I watched the corpse in a black coffin, being carried inside the funeral hall. The body was so still. The face was so pale. Gone was the glow or sparkle that had always been on his face. I sat there, like I was in dreamland, as I realised that the boy I walked with everyday, the sweets we shared together, and the times when we played football on the streets, that person was out of my life and out of his family's life. ...read more.


I can also remember seeing people going to her, and giving her presents, nice flowers and cards. They were all giving their deepest heart-felt expressions of compassion to her, bit I knew that no matter how expensive their gifts were, how well-written their cards were, how elaborate their flowers were it was all vanity, because none of these things could bring a son back, a cousin and a best friend alive again. I also memorized different people standing up on stage, and reciting various poems of comfort and hope. Others were saying nice things about him and how sorry they were that he had to die so young in a tragic accident. As I sat there listening, I looked at his body, he was just laying there like a wax statue. I thought to myself, if only he would be alive for just one more minute, so he could experience the lovely things people have said about him, the flowers and cards, and all the pain his family had gone through. ...read more.


placing a flower, it was like the flower represented life; flowers are fresh and beautiful only for a certain period of time but then they will just wither away, which is such a comparison with humans. As I laid my flower beside his body I touched his hand. It felt really cold, icy, just like a flake of snow, tears were still bucketing down my face, as my heart started thumping so violently just like a loud Indian drum. As I had my hand clutched so tightly on his, I began to pray to god, asking him to bring my cousin back alive. However no matter how hard and how genuine my prayers were it was obviously to no real use. When I let go of her hand, so many emotions went through me, the feeling of loss really came across me, as it was only then that I realised that I had lost one of my best friend forever. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amal Morjaria 10 Ham ...read more.

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