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The Catcher in the Rye-Holdens red hunting hat symbol.

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The Catcher in the Rye essay In the novel The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, a major symbol developed in the novel is Holden Caulfield's red hunting hat. Holden's red hunting hat is a symbol to a few themes in the novel. The red hunting hat represents innocence in a big way. Furthermore, the hunting hat represents Holden's uniqueness to the world. The hunting hat is a very important symbol and represents Holden's personality greatly. Holden Caulfield's red hunting hat is a symbol of Holden's desire of innocence. An important characteristic to notice is the color of the hat, which is red. ...read more.


The times in which Holden wears his hat symbolize his desire for innocence as well. Holden does not wear his hat when out at bars or on dates, for it is obvious he needs to act older. Yet, usually when Holden is alone and journeying, he puts on his red hat (covering his gray hair) and in a way, hunts for innocence. Holden puts on his hat often when he is by himself and leaving somewhere, as if he is always going back to find his innocence. Another symbol of the red hunting hat is Holden's desire to be unique and keep his individuality. ...read more.


(22). This remark made by Holden could be interpreted to mean he pushes people away when he decides to wear his red hunting hat. For instance, when Holden is traveling alone or leaving someplace, he wears his hat frequently, taking himself out of circumstances that include people. Holden builds to his uniqueness whenever he wears his red hunting hat. In conclusion, it is clear that throughout the novel Holden is searching for something. Whether it is innocence or uniqueness, it seems as if Holden is hunting for something whenever he puts on his red hunting hat. Holden's red hunting hat contributes significantly to his desire for innocence and individuality. The red hunting hat is a very important symbol throughout the novel and can give clues on to figuring out Holden's one of a kind personality. ...read more.

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